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Santorini Wedding

Santorini wedding: an unforgettable wedding ceremony

Apart from having a well planned and organized wedding, it is equally important that you come up with a wedding that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives. One great way to achieve a unique and surreal wedding that will surely make soon-to-be-brides envious is to do a wedding in Santorini.

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Why getting married in Santorini, Greece?

Why Tie the Knot in Santorini?

One great thing about getting married in Santorini, Greece is the fact that you can do it anywhere on the island without being held responsible against violating any law.

In Santorini, it is legal to have your wedding at the beach, in a cave, or literally anywhere on the island, provided that the mayor agrees upon it.

Of course, your personal taste and your religious preference still need to be taken into consideration . But, the fact that you are free to choose your location gives you a chance to make your Santorini wedding unique and special. Moreover, Santorini offers a wide selection of beautiful islands where you and your partner can solemnly exchange your vows.

Having a breathtaking view of the Santorini coast lightened by the vibrant Greek sun will definitely create a romantic and dreamlike ambiance for your dream wedding.

What is the best wedding date for Santorini wedding

Ideally, the best time to visit Santorini is during fall season, primarily because the weather is hot and it’s not crowded, thus ensuring a more private wedding ceremony for you.

The months from May until October are also great potential for a Greek wedding since all function island centers in Santorini are open. You can make use of these centers to enhance your wedding like the island’s convention and recreation room, as well as the floating cottage where you can enjoy an intimate moment with your partner right after your wedding.

Ideal wedding locations for getting married in Santorini, Greece

Imagine that you are actually getting married in Santorini, Greece!

Choosing a perfect location in Santorini for your wedding ceremony and reception can be very challenging, as there are numerous picture-perfect places you can choose from.

‘Whichever destination you pick for your Santorini wedding, you  will have a memorable experience to share with your friends and families when you return home.’

One of the popular places in Santorini for a guaranteed dreamlike and solemn wedding is the Caldera. Caldera offers a panoramic view of the Santorini volcano as well as the dramatic view of the Greek sunset. The Agia Eirini, mainly known as the Saint Irini, is one particular chapel in Caldera, ideal for an an extremely romantic exchange of vows, having the sunset as a backdrop for your wedding.

You can also try a conventional Greek wedding at one of Caldera’s traditional wineries. In fact, you can take pleasure in the traditional wedding practices of Santorini by having your wedding ceremony on the beach or on an 18th century sailing yacht.

Alternatively, you can have a unique and fun wedding entrance by arriving at the ceremony on a donkey, Greece’s popular domestic animal.

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Pre-Wedding preparations for your wedding in Santorini

For a wedding in Santorini, Greece, you have to decide at least a 6-month period to arrange your wedding escapade. These months should include your preparation for the necessary legal documentation such as birth certificates, registration certificates, etc. You should ensure that necessary documentation will be issued in time for your wedding date to avoid any inconveniences.

Keep your clothing as well as your shoes simple. This applies to ladies, as you simply cannot wear high heels, especially when you considering a beach wedding.

Most of the weddings in Santorini are performed in the evening, mainly around 6 pm or later. This is to avoid the excruciating heat. So, when planning the theme and details of your Greek wedding in Santorini, make sure it is accordance with the time frame of your wedding ceremony.

And lastly,

‘enjoy your day, enjoy an unforgettable wedding in Santorini!’

There is no need to get stressed at the most memorable moment of your life. The fact that you decided to have a wedding abroad means that you want things to be private and simple, rather than extravagant and nerve-racking. So, there is no point for all this cramming and stressing. After all, you are having an one-of-a-kind Santorini wedding!