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10 ideas to create an elegant wedding on any budget

10 ideas to create an elegant wedding on any budget.

Having a lower budget does not limit your wedding to be elegant and just as you have imagined. You just have to figure out ways to make the cost lower, avoid any unnecessary expenses and make the right, thoughtful choices.

Here we are to give you 10 ways to do it differently. Follow our tips on creating a perfect wedding on any budget and you will not have to spend a fortune to have a dreamy wedding in Greece.

1. Beloved guests instead of “unwelcomed” ones.

It is important that you keep your guest list small. Make sure that your wedding guests are those who really appreciate and love you and you feel the same way about them. You do not have to get stressed and invite people you do not really want to. Fewer guests mean less money.

Ceremony area with unstoppable view in wedding venue, Athens Greece.

Ceremony area with an unstoppable view in the wedding venue, Athens Greece.

2. Create your own invitations.

If you or your friends are DIY-ers, you won’t find it difficult to create your own wedding invitations. Don’t be afraid to express your artistic sense and experiment with different textures and materials. Use printed paper, decorate with dry flowers, draw something symbolic or even hand-write the invitation. It will be one-of-a-kind and a big amount of funds will be saved.

3. Choose a DJ instead of live band.

A live band is quite expensive and often does not offer a variety of music choices. A band has its own music style and will not easily comport with everyone’s taste. A DJ is a less expensive choice for your wedding reception and also gives you a wide range of music that will please you and your guests.

dj music wedding greece

4. Rent a party van instead of a limo.

Every bride’s dream is a glamorous limo taking her to her loved one. However, a much more fun choice is a party van. The couple along with their friends will get in the party van and have a great time together. They can move from the wedding location to the reception hall or ever take a ride all around the town. Much more fun, much less car rental!

5. Make cupcakes instead of cake.

The wedding cake is often overpriced as they require a pastry chef and special design. Cost is increasing if you like a 3 or 4 layers wedding cake. If your wedding has less than 50 guests you could order cupcakes. They come in many more designs and flavors and at a much lower price.

6. Prefer family theme dishes to gourmet ones.

Simple dishes such as pasta will cost less than gourmet ones. In addition, family theme dishes will please everyone. Gourmet may be extraordinary but unfamiliar flavors are not always suitable for a crowded table. Choose simple flavors and play it safe.

wedding Mykonos dinner table

7. Rent a vacation home instead of a reception hall.

If you have a destination wedding in Greece, you can rent a vacation home or Villa instead of booking a reception hall. Your vacation home could have many rooms and a big garden or even have a theme. You can save money and at the same time have an amazing time just as you like, feeling like home and combine accommodation & wedding in the same spot. Especially if you are interested in popular options as a Mykonos wedding, you should consider booking a villa for 4 or 5 nights on the island, 

8. Buffet or dinner?

Buffet may seem a less expensive option but in fact, it costs a lot more than dinner. Having a wedding dinner gives you the opportunity to “control” the amount of food and yet keep everyone pleased and full.

wedding greece dinner table

wedding dinner table

9. Time it right!

It is true that prices differ according to the season. For example, accommodation or decoration prices are much higher in July than in January. Plan your wedding at the right time of the year and you may save up to 20% of your wedding budget. Even the day is an important factor to consider. The budget required for a wedding in Athenian Riviera is lower for weekdays instead of weekends.

10. Keep it simple!

Elegance does not mean exaggeration. Keep in mind that through simplicity comes great beauty. Do not spend money without thinking first. A wedding can be outstanding on any budget. All you have to do is think different and act wisely. For instance, Hindu weddings are huge celebrations with hundreds of guests.

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