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10 wedding trends for your 2022 destination wedding

10 wedding trends for your 2022 destination wedding

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The new 2022 wedding trends have arrived. If I had to describe with one phrase the wedding trends for the year coming that would be “Back to classics” or “Keep it simple”. The extravagant styles have gone away, flashing colors are also out.


More is less this year and you should take into consideration the following statements for a perfect in-fashion wedding.


  • Vintage it up

Vintage style has conquered all the others. Wedding dresses, decorations, flowers, invitations, and so on, all reminding of the old, vintage glamour. Lace, roses, pink and beige, elegant materials are just some of the hints of the right vintage touch your wedding should embrace.


  • Flower territory

Flowers will be everywhere this year. Not only for the bridal bouquet but also for the reception and the cake decoration. Flowers can give your wedding a romantic and sensational feeling. Dare to focus on flowers for your entire wedding decoration and theme. Choose pink, beige, or white roses, and don’t forget to match them with your bouquet.

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  • Handwriting calligraphy

Within the vintage feeling, there is handwriting calligraphy used on the invitations. The art of giving form to letters in a harmonious and elegant manner is the key for 2017 weddings. Invitations should seem to be handmade, handwritten, yet beautiful and chic. Take a look at calligraphy fonts and choose the one you like the best. You can also use recycled paper in a modern, eco-friendly way.


  • Neutral power

Keep your wedding simple avoiding all the flashing, catching-the-eye colors. A neutral palette is ideal for a fashionable wedding. Blue-greys, grey-browns, beige-pinks are just some color combinations in order to achieve a classic, sophisticated style that won’t seem immoderate and won’t lose its beauty over the years.


  • Boho touch

Boho style is very fashionable right now. An ethnic, bohemian feeling has inspired bridal gowns and decoration styles. If you like this style, 2022 is your time to shine. Choose a boho touch creating a chic, braided hairstyle, romantic flowers for your bouquet, and details that complete the style.  


  • Higher shots

Modern couples have always wanted to follow the trends and try something new. This year drones have caught our attention. The ability to capture a moment from a higher view leads to amazing photographic results. Wedding photographers have already tried drone photos with success. Give it a try for some unforgettable shots.


  • Re-new the photo booth

The use of photo booths at weddings has become the hottest trend in recent years. The photo booth has still had its place on wedding ceremonies and receptions as it is quite exciting and entertaining happening. In 2022, do a twist on your photo booth. Now photo booths go high-tech and allow the guests and the couple to immediately upload photos to social media. Many couples also create their own hashtags!


  • Lace and bold colors

The top trend for wedding gowns is lace. Beautiful wedding dresses and fine lace create a unique and posh atmosphere. There are various bridal designs matching your personal style. Lace can also be used on decorating your invitations.


  • Rustic cakes

Wedding cakes also follow the “keep-it-simple” trend and they remain simple and rustic. The adorning, over-decorated cakes are out and replaced by plain, topper-less ones. Couples seem to prefer the “naked” version of wedding cakes, meaning having a cake with a clean look, embellished with brunches and blooms. Have you already choose the menu style for your wedding in Greece?

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  • Destination weddings

Destination weddings are increasing year by year. The year 2022 is no exception. Having your wedding in your loved destination is a chance to turn your wedding into a truly unique experience. Organizing a beautiful destination wedding will give you the opportunity to have fun not only with your spouse-to-be but also with friends and family on a trip you would never find the time to organize. The destination for your wedding can also be your honeymoon destination, so consider having a destination wedding in Greece.  

Wedding in Greece” is planning destination weddings all over Greece. The most superior destinations to consider are Athenian Riviera, Santorini, and Mykonos.

You can contact us at https://weddingingreece.com/contact-us/ and also check the Frequently Asked Questions for a destination wedding in Greece.