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5 questions to ask your wedding planner in Greece

5 questions to ask your wedding planner in Greece


You and your loved one have decided to have a destination wedding in Greece. This excellent choice though seems a demanding process. Taking into account that planning a wedding in a foreign country requires much time and effort, the best you can do is finding the perfect wedding planner.

Russian wedding in Greece

                                                                  Russian wedding in Greece

Looking for the ideal professional for your wedding may seem difficult but once you ask the right questions and seek the answers you need, you are one step forward. Before you hurry to choose the first wedding planner you contact, think twice and do one more thing! Question!

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However, what do you really need to know about a destination wedding? Are there any details that you should take into consideration? Is your wedding planner in Greece a professional? “Wedding in Greece” gathered all the essential questions you should ask your wedding planner. Prepare yourself with this list of important questions to help you find the right wedding planner for you.

wedding table Mykonos Greece

                                                               Wedding planner Mykonos Greece

  1. How many weddings have you planned?

 Looking for a wedding planner in Mykonos or Santorini? It is important that a wedding planner has experience! The more weddings have your planner organized the better for you. Experience shows professionalism and professionalism is the key to plan the perfect ceremony. Ask your wedding planner about planning a destination wedding in Greece. Don’t be afraid to ask for details for specific wedding cases and couples. We have experience planning Lebanese weddings, Orthodox, Catholic, Hindu weddings, Sikh, Jewish, and other wedding types. Even a samesex wedding in Greece is possible and we have really plan numerous gay & lesbian weddings in beautiful Greek wedding venues.

Lebanese wedding planner Greece

                                                            Lebanese wedding Athens Greece

  1. What are your services?

There are many service packages that your wedding planner is able to suggest. You need to know the exact services offered by the wedding planning company. Most of the planners include in their services wedding photographers and videographers. Other packages may offer decoration, bridal hairstyle and makeup. Ask your wedding planner in Greece about complete packages or specific services according to what you really need. You can read about the “Wedding in Greece” services here.

Wedding planner santo wines, Greece

                                                        Wedding planner Santo wines, Santorini, Greece

  1. Are you flexible when it comes to changes?

A professional wedding planner should be flexible and ready to customize decoration, menu, flowers, music to your personal taste and needs. Don’t forget that this is your wedding! It is significant to know that some parts of the planning can adjust to you and your other half personally. Discuss your own wedding vision and express your desires.

Athens Riviera wedding venue

                                                                      Athens Riviera wedding venue

  1. How much will it cost and how do payments work?

The cost of a wedding in Greece is a crucial factor in choosing a wedding planner. We all want the right services at the right price. Ask your wedding planner about the cost and the ways of payment. You really want to know every financial and payoff details. Are there any fees? Does your wedding planning company accept cash or credit card? Are there any additional expenses? Ask as many questions as possible and make sure that your wedding planner has given you clear answers. 

Santa irini wedding santorini greece

                                                             Sunset wedding planning, Santorini, Greece

  1. Do you have references?

Professional wedding planners ought to have client and vendor references. Ask your wedding planner to let you know some information about past clients and testimonials. See if it is possible to contact some of these couples and ask them their opinion. If this is not possible, ask your wedding planner to show you samples of work and even references from other vendors as a Greek wedding photographer.

Wedding venue santorini

                                                              Wedding venue Santorini, Greece

These are some of the most considerable questions to ask your future wedding planner. Don’t hesitate to discuss anything you really want to know. A professional should be able to answer every question and dissolve any doubts.

“Wedding in Greece” is willing to answer all your questions! Please contact us via email at or fill the wedding planning contact form and don’t forget to explore our website.