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6 relaxing exercises to reduce stress before your wedding day

Stress before the wedding day is a common phenomenon, especially among brides. You want to organise everything for a perfect Greek wedding, but you have to take into account so many details that the procedure is really exhausting.

6 relaxing exercises to reduce stress before your wedding day

On many Greek islands, there is the possibility of hiring a wedding planner. The wedding planner in Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu and other touristic islands will organise for you everything, so that you can relax and enjoy the arrangements.

But if you haven’t hired a wedding planner, how can you relieve stress and feel happier waiting for the big day? Exercising is the perfect way to fill your brain with endorphins and feel immediately better. These exercises are the top activities to burn calories, stay fit and find the relaxation you want.


Jogging is the ultimate cardio exercise. You can burn up to 10 calories per minute and see your body change in a few weeks. Thus, you will gain self confidence, which is the best way to reduce stress. Plus, while jogging, you can leave everything behind that worries you, get lost in your own world, listen to your favourite music, and everything will seem better afterwards.

jogging before wedding

Power yoga

Yoga combines cardio and muscle activity with meditation. Power yoga is even more powerful and can help you burn calories while you try to find the inner peace. It is also beneficial for your posture and your body strength, which are essentials for an endless party after the ceremony.

power yoga before wedding


Pilates has the same advantages with power yoga, but it focuses more on your muscles in order to change your shape of your body. Diet is not the only way to lose weight before your wedding, and if you combine cardio activity, such as jogging, with Pilates, the result may be impressive.

pilates before wedding

Team sports

Team sports, such as basketball, volleyball and football are great because they constitute a good opportunity to meet your friends, enjoy the competition and relieve the stress while playing. Can you think about anything better than spending some moments with people, who you can truly forget everything with?

beach volley women wedding


Walking is a mild exercise that is perfect if you are feeling tired and you don’t have the energy to do a more demanding activity. Furthermore, you can combine it with other obligations, such as talking on the phone with the wedding planner or watching photos of wedding dresses.

walking before wedding

Hiking or mountain biking

Hiking or mountain biking are top exercises to be in contact with nature, see new places and breath fresh air. Choose a mountain, hill or a plain in a close distance to your house and spend some time there. The peaceful setting and the effect of the lush greenery and the singing of the birds are good ways to escape from the routine and the stress of the arrangements.

mountain biking before wedding

Hiring a professional wedding planner for your wedding in Greece, will help you from A to Z and will arrange almost everything for your special day. 

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