Arab weddings in Greece - Wedding in Greece

Arab weddings in Greece

When it comes to Arab weddings, one thing is always certain: they are truly memorable and absolutely lavish, known for their grandeur and over-the-top celebrations.  So if you’re dreaming of tying the knot in this way in a far-flung destination like Greece, what should you expect from your wedding planner?

Wedding venue Santorini Greece for Arab weddings
Wedding venue Santorini Greece

To find the perfect nuptial scenery

Our expert wedding team is able to find the perfect setting for your wedding, combining a spectacular landscape and a jaw-dropping view with a touch of romance. Through inspired decoration ideas and strategic placement of ornamental pieces, we will successfully manage to all these extra touches that create an intimate atmosphere and can take every couple and their guests to a world full of romance and emotions – and isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day when we attend a wedding ceremony?

arab wedding athens chapel greece

To organize the perfect Orthodox or Maronite ceremony

“Wedding in Greece” planning team has organized numerous Arab and Lebanese weddings in Greece, always with Arabic-speaking priests, including either Orthodox or Maronite traditions. Couples from LebanonQatarDubai (UAE) and Jordan have trusted us and enjoyed stunning ceremonies, combining the spellbinding beauty of Greece with a deep appreciation and respect for all Arabic religious and cultural traditions, rituals and customs. Especially for a Religious Maronite wedding in Greece, our suggestion is Athens Riviera. Of course, other spots as Santorini, Mykonos, & Crete are possible destinations.

Our team has a profound comprehension of the values that make a wedding celebration so special to you, your family and your friends. A symbolic wedding ceremony is also possible. Kindly note that Civil wedding is no longer possible for Lebanese citizens, because of legal restrictions with wedding license issue! Please contact our team for more details and alternative solutions! We can plan a symbolic Lebanese wedding in Santorini with this breathtaking view in Aegean sea.

lebanese orthodox wedding greece in Arab language
Orthodox Lebanese wedding Greece

To find the perfect venue for the reception

We have worked with the most exclusive wedding venues in Athens, as well as in Santorini and Mykonos, organizing Arab weddings. Whether you seek a glamorous and luxurious reception or a fun and festive party, we are able to plan every single detail. All opulent venues are always specially decorated to combine classic Greek elements with a more contemporary Middle Eastern style.

A private wedding venue, charming chapels, terraces, stunning private villas or imposing churches, you can rely on our services for the most superior wedding venue.

Santorini wedding party Lebanese couple

To create a culinary paradise for your guests

Just imagine succulent dishes and mouthwatering desserts; yes, we absolutely understand that the right destination wedding menu is an essential part of making your whole affair spectacular. That’s why we have special Arab menus that will tempt your guests’ palates. Hummus, falafel, tabouleh, shawarma, and fattoush are some classic recipes that we love tasting at the numerous Arab wedding receptions we’re organizing. But no celebration is complete without at least a couple of sweets on the menu. And is there anyone who doesn’t like baklava or knafeh?

Arab wedding buffet greece

To make sure you’ll dance the night away

The highlight of most Arab wedding parties in Greece is the vibrant music and the Greek or Eastern traditional dances the newly-weds and their guests always fall head over heels in love with. Dancing traditional Greek dances at your wedding is a great way to celebrate the local culture and our wedding team can find the expert, professional dancers to lead the way to the dance floor. We can also plan impressive Darbuka shows and belly dance performances or have experienced DJs who will certainly keep the party going up until the early hours of the morning. Music and dances in Greece are integrally linked to the notion of happiness that a wedding brings; that’s why a festive celebration here never winds down in a few hours – and we totally understand that the same goes for all Arab weddings too!

darbuka arab music wedding greece

santorini wedding party lebanon
Santorini wedding party

To capture the most special moments of your special day

“Wedding in Greece” planning team can also organize a special photo shooting for you. We are collaborating with the most experienced wedding photographers in Arab weddings to capture the essential, emotional moments of your special day in the best way. Trust us – even if you are considering just an elopement, the destination wedding photo sessions we’ve organized can certainly evoke wanderlust and send you packing!

Lebanese couple photo-shooting Santorini Greece
Lebanese couple photo-shooting in Caldera Santorini Greece
Arab Lebanese wedding santorini Greece
Sunset in Santorini wedding venue

To arrange all legal aspects

Thanks to our experience as wedding planners in Greece we know everything about the laws concerning wedding & marriage and we will make sure that when you are ready to tie the knot, everything will be legal. So let us worry about the unpleasant bureaucracy, while you can let your hair down and get ready for your special day.

 legal documents wedding greece

To make sure everything will go off without a hitch

We know that most Arab weddings entail multiple events; our events management experts are able to plan and help you celebrate various occasions - from a traditional henna party to whatever modern festivity you desire - according to yours and your family’s expectations. Whether you have dreamt of intimate gatherings or grand parties, we can tailor everything to meet your special requirements.

arab wedding athenian riviera greece

santorini wedding venue for Lebanese wedding
Wedding venue in Santorini Greece

To help you live-stream your wedding ceremony

Most Middle Eastern weddings tend to have a large guest list, which can be a problem while planning a destination wedding abroad; there are all these relatives and friends who would love to attend your special ceremony but just can’t. Well, with a little help from our team, your ceremony can be streamed live on the Internet and each and every one of your beloved ones will have the opportunity to watch your amazing moments of nuptial bliss in Greece. It’s really easy; just ask us for details.

 Greek dancers show for Arab wedding in Greece

Traditional greek dancers for lebanese wedding in greece

Well, sometimes a little planning can make a big difference! Rest assured that your religious and cultural requirements will be our foremost priority. Just discuss your wedding vision with our expert wedding planning team in Greece and explain all the details you have dreamt of; we are here to make your nuptial dream come true…