Choosing the Best Date to plan Your Wedding in Greece - Wedding in Greece


Choosing the Best Date to plan Your Wedding in Greece

"Timing is Everything: How to Choose Best Date to plan Your Wedding in Greece" A wedding in Greece is a beautiful experience that creates unique…

Choosing the Best Date to plan Your Wedding in Greece

"Timing is Everything: How to Choose Best Date to plan Your Wedding in Greece"

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A wedding in Greece is a beautiful experience that creates unique memories for both the couple and their guests. The magic of the Greek islands, the culture, the distinct architecture, the history, the customs and the richness of the natural landscape undoubtedly make Greece a unique wedding destination. However, organising a wedding abroad, besides being incredibly charming, is also an extremely demanding procedure. In particular, if what you seek from your destination wedding in Greece is to experience new sensations and discoveries rather than unpleasant surprises. Celebrating a wedding abroad is a process that requires coordination and excellent preparation.

Hi! Would you be able to help me? We booked our wedding ceremony in Greece for 17.00. However, it keeps playing on my mind that I prefer to start earlier. What are your thoughts on this? A lot of planning goes into it, and I want it to last longer! 


Choosing the Best Date to plan Your Dream Wedding in Greece: A Guide

Considering all factors, one must secure the perfect date, select an appropriate location, find the ideal venue, and plan the menu and decoration accordingly. Last but not least, it is crucial to consider each season's weather and climatic conditions when determining the date. 

As professional wedding planners in Greece, we provide thorough insights about each location's unique characteristics, guiding every couple towards the most optimal outcome.

Best Season to Plan your Wedding in Greece 
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The climatic conditions of each season hold significant importance. Therefore should be carefully considered when selecting a wedding date in Greece. For instance, one of the common mistakes made by couples who plan their wedding in Greece without the assistance of a professional wedding planner is setting the time for the ceremony or the reception only according to the availability of the venue.

We booked 15.00 - 19.00 for the ceremony in July. I fear it will be too hot and long for the guests. Not too sure I could stay in my wedding dress for too many hours. 

However, have you ever considered the weather conditions that can prevail on a Greek island in late September? Accordingly, what does it mean to have a reception in an open space under the hot Mediterranean sun at two o'clock in the afternoon. Or which is the ideal time to enjoy the maximum of the day? The time setting of the wedding is a serious question that certainly should be answered before you proceed with booking the venue. 

In September of last year, we tied the knot in Mykonos. Thanks to our early consultation with the wedding planner, we held the ceremony at 6 pm. The daytime heat would have been too uncomfortable for our guests and us. Plus, the flowers would have withered under the scorching sun. We opted for a pre-ceremony photo shoot scheduled for 3:30 pm. Even then, it was pretty hot outside! Fortunately, the weather cooled down when our ceremony began, and the ambience was perfect.

Indeed, each case and each place has its characteristics. However, the weather is a factor that we should consider. As with other Mediterranean regions, Greece experiences mild and rainy winters, relatively warm and dry summers, and plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

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Are the Greek islands warm all year round?

The seasons in Greece are not strictly defined in terms of duration or characteristics. The year is divided into two main periods: the cold and rainy winter period, which lasts from mid-October until the end of March, and the warm and dry season, which lasts from April to October. Spring lasts until mid-May when temperatures rise and summer sets in. Summer starts in mid-May and can last until September, with occasional extensions.

The Greek islands and the mainland coastline enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean climate. While the mountainous regions experience colder temperatures and snowfall during winter.

Greece can be pretty hot in summer, particularly in July and August. Temperatures in many parts of the country can often exceed 30°C (86°F).  And sometimes even reach up to 40°C (104°F) during heatwaves. The coastal areas and islands tend to be more humid than the mainland. Temperatures can feel hotter due to the higher humidity levels. 

Organize your destination wedding in Greece 

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