Decorating a destination wedding in Greece - Smart solutions for daring brides - Wedding in Greece


Decorating a destination wedding in Greece - Smart solutions for daring brides

.Decorating a destination wedding in Greece can be a beautiful and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests. With its picturesque landscapes, historic…

Decorating a destination wedding in Greece - Smart solutions for daring brides

.Decorating a destination wedding in Greece can be a beautiful and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests. With its picturesque landscapes, historic venues, and Mediterranean climate, Greece is the perfect location for a romantic and luxurious wedding. From the ceremony to the reception, the right decor can create the perfect ambiance and make the special day even more unforgettable. Whether you're looking for a classic, elegant, or modern look, there are many options to choose from when decorating a destination wedding in Greece.

That is why having a wedding planner in charge of your to-do list for your special day is essential to the wedding organization process, especially if you are planning your wedding ceremony in a foreign country. With multiple years of experience in organizing destination weddings in Greece, our experts ensure the seamless execution of your vision.

Before you finalize the theme for your special day, let's brush up on some wedding decoration ideas that might help you complete your choice.

Decorating a destination wedding in Greece - The perfect wedding cake


naked wedding cake

One of the most symbolic parts of the wedding process is cutting the wedding cake. It occurs during the reception and often marks the beginning of the feast.

Everybody loves wedding cakes, especially when they taste as good as they appeal.  However, fashion trends (because there is fashion in the cake, too) have changed a lot in recent years, introducing many original ideas for the reception's dessert. The endless types of wedding cakes, from the shape down to the frosting, might overwhelm your decision. 

Here is our suggestion if you need help knowing where to begin. Never understate the power of simplicity. And in this category, the king is the naked cake.
Sugar paste and various imaginative designs were the dominant trends in past years; today, things have become quite simplified, bringing naked cakes to the front of the wedding scene.
Naked cakes look delicious and even more impressive than iced cakes because they appear more naturally beautiful. Their name derives from the absence of coating. The "decoration" of the dessert completes with some sprinkled icing sugar, some filling cream, or even seasonal fruits and flowers in the colors of the wedding.

Aesthetic wedding decor ideas for a wedding abroad

white wedding arch

Modest or impressive? Earth colors or bold hues? Classic and safe options or advanced decoration that will catch the eye? Depending on your style, mood, and the place you choose to hold both the ceremony and the reception, you can find the appropriate decoration that perfectly suits your needs.

The eternal elegance of white

white theme wedding

Although wedding decoration fashion might suggest several intense and eccentric combinations, white always remain classic and chic. So, if you belong among those who want to make a statement, then white is the color you should choose. You can combine it with shades of green, such as olive green, or earthy colors and materials like twine, recycled paper, wooden details, and, of course, gold for a sophisticated result.

Unexpected wedding colors for your  destination wedding in Greece

indian wedding in greece

When discussing wedding decoration, a question that we often receive from many couples is, "what are the trending wedding colors?". And one of the answers that we like to give as a response is that regardless of the wedding color palette, it is the execution of the conception that will create an astonishing gorgeous setup.

So here goes a tip from our pros: If you want your destination wedding in Greece to stand out, then choose to "break" the rule. A way to do so is by matching the trending wedding colors with unexpected combinations.
If you want to be original, choose combinations such as pale pink with navy blue. Try also bright yellow with white or grey, white with lavender purple, dark purple with orange, coral with grey, and green with salmon color hues.

Theme decoration for a destination wedding in Greece

indian wedding in greece

Selecting the theme for your  destination wedding in Greece is a joyful and creative procedure; therefore, regarding your forthcoming marriage in Greece, many elements of the local culture and traditional colours could harmoniously saturate your original idea. The iconic colors of the Greek Islands, the untouched natural beauty, or even Greek myths and symbols like an ancient wreath of olive or laurel leaves, a symbol of glory, power, and eternity are only a few of the schemes to consider.

The Greek-style bridal bouquet

pink and green wedding flowers
photo by : George Pahountis Photography ( )

Beyond the classic roses, many other original proposals will make you stand out on your special day. If you want to make a difference, dare to be authentic. Instead of a beautiful bouquet of roses, prefer a bouquet of succulents. The bridal bouquet usually adds to the adornment of the wedding as well as the appearance of the bride. And if you wish for a Greek-style scent to match your destination wedding, try dry plants such as wheat, sprigs of lavender, olives leaves, or eucalyptus.

Finding a wedding planner in Greece

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Wedding in Greece is a team of experts in wedding planning and event management. We pride ourselves on specializing exclusively in destination weddings in Greece and be top rated by hundreds of couples from all over the words that trusted our services. Paying attention to detail, we take care of every element of your wedding.

Organize your destination wedding in Greece 

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