Destination wedding in Santorini island, Tim & Rachel


Destination wedding in Santorini island, Tim & Rachel

Tim & Rachel Wedding in Santorini

Destination wedding in Santorini island, Tim & Rachel

Tim & Rachel Wedding in Santorini

“Wedding in Greece” happily takes the responsibility of planning the perfect destination wedding ceremony for you. Numerous couples have chosen our wedding planning team so far. One of these beloved couples, Tim and Rachel, had their wedding in Santorini. Do you want to know more about this fantastic wedding?

Santorini wedding in santo winery
Santorini wedding in santo winery

Tim & Rachel

Tim and Rachel come from Hong Kong. They have wanted to have their wedding in Santorini for 2 years and they both have decided to come to Greece and make their dream come true. Santorini captivated their souls long before their marriage. The wild beauty, the volcanic magnificence and the unique view to Aegean sea were some of the reasons why Santorini allured them. Tim and Rachel contacted “Wedding in Greece” and expressed their wedding vision in Santorini. We respected every wish they had and we tried our best to make their dream wedding come true.

santorini wedding in santo wines
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The weather

The beautiful couple planned their destination wedding in Santorini in March. Spring is always unpredictable so the weather was rainy. Despite the rain, the couple was in good spirits. Tim and Rachel didn’t lose their smile not even once! Luckily, the rain stopped just before the ceremony. The dark clouds faded away and the couple was ready to walk along the wedding aisle. The temperature stayed in average levels but this was not an impediment for the couple and their guests. The view was still great and the location was extraordinary. “Wedding in Greece” was ready to face bad weather as well and an indoor venue was built as an additional option.

Time and place

Tim and Rachel in cooperation with “Wedding in Greece” chose an outdoor location with a view to the volcanic Caldera. Santorini is famous exactly for this amazing and one-of-a-kind view. The wedding altar was placed right in front of the Caldera where the view is just perfect. The couple unified in front of this fantastic landscape that nature created for them. The sea added a peaceful and idyllic sense. “Wedding in Greece” had booked an indoor venue in case of bad weather.

Accommodation and reception

The couple booked their accommodation at Dana Villas hotel. The bride’s preparation took place there. The couple and guests enjoyed their staying in Santorini. They all loved the picturesque neighborhoods, the volcanic beaches, the kind-hearted people and of course the exceptional landscape of Santorini island! After the ceremony, the couple welcomed their guests in a lovely dinner at Mario Restaurant in Monolithos, a coastal village in eastern Santorini. “Wedding in Greece” planned every detail so that everything was right.

Wedding in Dana Villas santorini
Wedding in Dana Villas. Photography by

We are glad that Tim and Rachel chose “Wedding in Greece” for their destination wedding in Santorini. And they lived happily ever after…

Wedding photography and planning

“Wedding in Greece” worked for Tim and Rachel personally. Our company took care of literally everything. We helped the couple throughout the preparation and during the ceremony. We arranged all the legal obligations, we designed everything especially for Tim and Rachel, we respected the couple’s needs. We provided any kind of help needed. Eleni Dona wedding photographer, captured all the wonderful moments with her camera. The amazing landscape was the ideal background for perfect photos.

After Ceremony, there was a lovely dinner in Mario restaurant in Monolithos.

You can check the photos below, from their wedding day in Santorini!