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Experiencing a wedding destination in Greece

Tying the knot between you and your partner will probably serve as one of the most superior moments of your lives. It is therefore important that you carefully plan and organize your wedding in a way that will create unique and unforgettable memories that you can always look back on.

A Greek wedding is definitely one of the ways on how you can come up with your dream wedding. This country poses great potential for couples wanting to have a romantic exchange of vows. Significantly, there are a lot of destination weddings in Greece that can truly bring your wedding to a whole new perspective.


A wedding in Greece…but why?

You are probably wondering why of all countries in the world, why pick Greece as your wedding destination?

Well, there are a lot of things that could support the notion that Greek wedding is probably the best idea for your upcoming wedding.

Being the country of ancient gods, Greece has always been the most favored location for nuptial ceremonies, whether for a civil or orthodox wedding.

Apart from being able to provide a surreal type of wedding, couples as well as wedding guests can also leisurely enjoy the wonderful attractions of Greece.

Greece is a country that is blessed with wonderful natural attractions and sceneries, making it a perfect spot for travelers and wedding couples.

Different Greek islands offer a magnificent and dramatic view of sunsets, a perfect backdrop for beach weddings. The picturesque coast view of Greece is also ideal for weddings that will be held on the tiny churches on the island’s water edge, giving off a heavenly and divine wedding. The combination of the marvelous island, rich and well-cultured towns and dazzling beaches of Greece generally makes it the perfect rendezvous for couples who are planning to finally tie the knots.

Another great thing about going over your destination wedding in Greece is that the country offers wonderful accommodations for couple’s honeymoon. You wouldn’t need to go and look for a private and intimate place as it is already provided in most of Greece’s islands particularly in Cyprus, Athens and Mykonos. Each of these Greek islands will sure to provide you with views and amenities that will make your honeymoon an unforgettable one.

Essentially, locals of Greece are always known to be warm, welcoming and friendly, especially to tourists. Even though Greeks are not that fluent with English, they try to extend their hospitality to visitors by offering their local products and foods like boiled eggs and perfectly baked Greek cookies.

As for weddings, they try to support the couples in any way possible. They would even let you borrow their donkey which you can use for your wedding entrance.

Plan your wedding in Greece with the right way!

When planning for a wedding in Greece, it is best that you hire a professional, say wedding consultant and wedding planners, who are well aware of the perfect Greek places for your wedding.

Most popular destinations for getting married in Greece

Wedding in Santorini

One superior destination for weddings in Greece is the island of Santorini. This island cradles almost 300 churches and chapels, thus explaining its top position for the most ideal wedding spot in Greece. Moreover, Santorini provides a wonderful scenic view of Greece’s volcanoes that could add up to the magical ambiance of your wedding. A traditional winery can also be found in Santorini where most couples who got married in Greece held their wedding receptions. Read more for your wedding in Santorini

Wedding in Athens

Seaside Athens in Greece is also becoming a popular wedding place. It has been tagged as the most visited place in Greece. This destination is believed to bring couples with a bright future, as the Greek sun brightly shines for almost every day of the whole year. Exchanging your vows in destination can be very romantic as you can have the endless view of the Greek ocean, just like the endless love that you and your partner have. Check more for your wedding in seaside Athens

Wedding in Mykonos island

Mykonos is the most luxurious destination in Greece. Having superior resorts and lovely venues, we are able to design your wedding in one of the most requested destinations in Greece. Check our page for destination weddings in Mykonos island

Wedding in Zante island

The amazing island of Zante offers an interesting range of wedding locations such as backyard settings, hotels’ pool areas, breathtaking cliff tops, beach spots as well as a little island off Zante’s coastline, called Turtle Island. There are options for beach wedding, venues, Chapels, hotel terraces, and superior restaurants. Find more for your Zante wedding

Wedding in Rhodes

Rhodes, the biggest of the Dodecanese islands, is geographically situated near the Turkish coasts. Rhodes is remarkable because of its natural splendor, impressive Italian architectural mastery and a history extending up to 2400 years. If you’ve chosen to have your wedding in Rhodes island, then you’re really lucky, since this island offers great flexibility compared to other civil wedding destinations.

Wedding in Crete island

Crete is the biggest island in Greece, having four main places: Rethymno, Chania, Lassithi, and Heraklion with two airports providing everyday flights. Looking for a destination wedding in Greece? Then find more for weddings in Crete island

Hidden gems for your destination wedding in Greece

Other great wedding destinations in Greece include the islands of Ios and Naxos, two of the most private Greek islands, ideal for couples who want an intimate and solemn wedding ceremony. Having a wedding destination in Greece is probably the best idea that you can come up for your dream wedding.

Fortunately, there are a lot of packages as well as wedding services that are readily available to help you have a hassle and stress-free Greek wedding.

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