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Wedding in Zante

How about a wedding in Zante?

Imagine your wedding ceremony at exclusive colorful landscapes, on the seashore with the sea splashing towards your toes, on a high cliff top with the sun setting in the shadows! Hire your special private tiny island, exchange vows in front of a stunning church or decide on your special venue.

Apart from the Town hall, our company can organize weddings exclusively at several romantic locations. There are lots of packages to select from or you can customize your own. We provide Catholic weddings, Civil weddings, Blessings, Vow Renewals, Neutral Religious Weddings, Same Sex Blessings and lots of other services.


Second thoughts about a wedding in Zakynthos island?

Why not treat yourself a horse and carriage, amaze your friends and relatives with fireworks or include your personal private barbecue beach party? Why don’t you arrange the Greek wedding band and dancers for amusement, sail off on the luxury cruise liner or stroll down the red carpet church aisle with a classic Serenade quartet? The list is really endless.

If you plan a Zante wedding, the options are yours!

The amazing island of Zante offers an interesting range of wedding locations such as backyard settings, hotels’ pool areas, breathtaking cliff tops, beach spots as well as a little island off Zante’s coastline. Whichever your preference is, your wedding day will surely be very special. You Zakynthos wedding will be a celebration that all your loved ones will talk about for several years to come.

How can we help you plan your Zante wedding?

Wedding in Greece is an event and wedding event planning company, that organizes wedding ceremonies in Zante . The marriage ceremonies which can be held in Zante are Civil, Catholic, Greek, Orthodox and Baptist. Jewish and Hindu wedding ceremonies could be held at a top resort grounds by the beach. Emblematic wedding ceremonies can also be organized everywhere in Zante.

Ideas for your special wedding in Zante

  • Hire your own private beach on a little island off Zante
  • Seaside wedding on Turtle Island, barefoot
  • Many other exotic beach wedding locations
  • Sea Garden wedding party and reception
  • Wedding on a terrace, overlooking the Ionian Sea
  • Wedding ceremony and wedding party at a seafront luxurious hotel
  • Catholic wedding ceremony in Zanteor on the cruise boat
  • Baptist wedding ceremony in Zante town
  • Orthodox wedding ceremony in chapels around the island

Planning a Zakynthos wedding? What you should know about the Island of Zante

Zakynthos is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Greece.

Greek mythology states that name was given after son of Dadanus-King of Troy, who set sail through the Arcadian town of Psofida and created his acropolis on the island to remind him of his birthplace.

Zante is the southernmost of these Ionian Islands, 13.5 kms south of Kefalonia and 15.2 kms east of the Greek mainland. It is the third largest island in size of a 406 square km area, featuring stunning beaches; those situated on the north, eastern and southern coasts can be easily reached while those on the western coast are magnificent and only accessible by boat. Blue Caves are in this area. They were given this name for the color of waters in the deep hollows.

Zante is well known in Greece as the island of songs and poetry.

It’s still believed that the god of Music, Apollo, had been worshiped here, like serenades and folk music, which continue to make Zante a significant part of the tradition. The island has a lot of monasteries, where one can listen to the mystical and very unique Zakynthian chants. Zante was the house of Dionysios Solomos, the Greek nation’s poet and author of Greek national anthem.

Another Zante highlight is the plethora of flora and fauna. The high rain fall in the wintertime has led to a variety of exceptional flowers and plant life flourishing here. This island is also widely known for Caretta caretta -the loggerhead turtle that lays its eggs on the island’s southern area. This reptile is under extinction and the Greek administration has built a marine park at Laganas Bay to protect loggerheads’ colonies and inform visitors about this national cherished treasure. Monachus monachus -the Mediterranean monk seal is another protected species found on the western coast.

For your unforgettable wedding in Zante, trust us!

We take special delight in all the essential details to make your day fantastic and we will provide you with the most suitable wedding package in Greece.

We look forward to arranging your wedding in Zante as if it was our own.

Contact us for the package pricelists and documentation required for wedding ceremony preparations in Zante.

Have a romantic wedding in Zakynthos!!!