Dreamy summer wedding in Athens, Greece - Wedding in Greece


Dreamy summer wedding in Athens, Greece

A dreamy summer wedding in Athens, Greece, Agelo & Andrew Agelo and Andrew, our lovely couple, all the way from the USA, decided to tie…

Dreamy summer wedding in Athens, Greece

A dreamy summer wedding in Athens, Greece, Agelo & Andrew

Agelo and Andrew, our lovely couple, all the way from the USA, decided to tie the knot in one of the most beautiful wedding destinations in the world. The phenomenal landscape of Athens and the alluring view of the Athenian Riviera composed the perfect background for a dreamy summer wedding in Greece.

Island Art and Taste chapel

The bride and groom-to-be come hosted an elegant symbolic ceremony and a wedding reception right after. Their wedding in Athens, Greece was attended by 150 guests. The theme of the wedding was romantic and the color palette was floating around pretty pastels.

Pre-wedding preparations

Getting ready for your wedding is considered as a very special moment, as all the emotions of eagerness and excitement come to the surface. It is the right time to let your wedding photographer in, to capture all these priceless moments in time. Agelo and Andrew got ready at their wedding venue with a stunning view of Athenian Riviera. They had the chance to get dressed along with their family and friend in separate rooms in this huge venue.

The bride took her time to get her chic make-up done, had her hair done into a romantic chignon, and wear her perfect wedding gown with an astonishing, bejeweled back. Meanwhile, the groom was taking care of the details of his look. Perfectly cut hair and sharp beard! Blue and grey, classic suit! A prestigious watch! He was just perfect for his big day.

Beauty services from a makeup artist

A superior wedding venue in Athens Riviera

Finding the ideal wedding venue can be tricky but not for Agelo and Andrew who, along with the help of their wedding planner in Greece, chose the one that made all the difference. This specific venue is one of the most luxurious and classy venues by the Athenian Riviera. It is regarded as one of the superior wedding venues in Greece. First and foremost, the location is exceptional with a view to the crystal-clear, Athenian sea. The services offered are of top-quality. The catering service is phenomenal and each dish is prepared with high-quality ingredients that offer a unique wedding dining experience. The wedding reception was precisely organized, with a beautiful formation of the tables, a separate room for dancing, a posh background with the pool. In addition, every table was carefully decorated with flowers and classy cutlery. The couple enjoyed all the facilities at most and of course, the venue played a key role in their amazing destination wedding in Athens.  

Island art and Taste, Private House wedding venue

Flower Decorations for a wedding ceremony and reception in Athens, Greece

It is actually true that flowers are symbols of love, beauty, and purity. This means that a flower decoration is a fundamental part of any wedding and Agelo & Andrew’s celebration was not an exception. Following the minimal, romantic, pretty-in-pastels pattern their wedding flowers leveled up their ceremony. An impressing, wedding flower arch was created to welcome the future husband and wife at the end of the aisle. Aromatic flowers and fine fabrics added a bit of whimsy to the elegant arbor. And as for the wedding bouquet, the delicate roses and the gorgeous greenery completed a picture-perfect bridal image. This decoration was  the epitome of a real dreamy summer wedding in Athens, Greece 

Over the years cutting the wedding cake has become a ritual and the couples embrace the new trends on the decoration. Our cute couple chose a minimalistic, simple cake with white icing and a rose flower on top. The cake added a modern touch and it kept the focus to the most important parts of the day. There were also lovely, personalized, marbled sugar cookies embellished with the names of the couple, ice-cream, and cute dragees.

Entertainment for an unforgettable destination wedding in Greece

Wedding entertainment should not be underestimated as it can be the most remembered part of it. Agelo and Andrew’s wedding was an epitome of amusement. The aspect of music was dominant during the ceremony and the reception. The magical sound of the violin accompanied the bride though her walking down the aisle. Classical music added a touch of uniqueness and made the moment meaningful and cherished. Then, when the reception was about to start, a group of traditional Greek dancers uplifted the spirit, demonstrating folk dances to the guest and inviting them to join the stage. Greek music is known for unleashing the spirit and the emotions and unifying people into a circle of joy. The rest is history! The newlyweds along with friends and family had the time of their lives.

Greek dancing show with traditional dancers
A summer wedding in Private House, Island Art, and Taste venue


A summer wedding in Private House, Island Art, and Taste venue

A wedding in Greece can be the experience of a lifetime. Your dreamy summer wedding in Athens, Greece will come true with the right guidance by our wedding planning services and the appropriate selection of vendors and wedding photographers in Greece.

Agelo and Andrew enjoyed their wedding ceremony at most and they will remember these precious moments for the rest of their life as a couple. They had a perfectly planned ceremony and reception in Athens Greece, exactly as they wished.

“Wedding in Greece” team, our team is ready to help you get married in paradise.

Credits to the highly experienced wedding photographer in Athens, Greece Eleni Dona