Elegant wedding Athenian Riviera, Heather & Navin - Wedding in Greece
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Elegant wedding Athenian Riviera, Heather & Navin

Heather & Navin, wedding in Athens Riviera, Greece

Wedding ceremony in Athenian Riviera, Greece with flower arch

Wedding ceremony in Athenian Riviera

You may have heard people say you need “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” for your wedding day. Well, this couple chose the well-known blue of the Greek seas for their Athenian Riviera wedding– oh, well, the blue bridal shoes were also an amazing addition!

A pre-wedding party on boat… the Greek way

Heather and Navin’s families span the globe from the US to India, so they met in the middle! The perfect spot for their celebration was the alluring Athens Riviera, on the southern edge of the Greek capital, a place that brims with elegance and idyllic landscapes. There are really many hidden gems dotting the Athenian Riviera – and that’s an amazing bonus for any couple and wedding planning team in Athens.

Prewedding party on boat Athens Riviera, Greece

Prewedding party on boat Athens Riviera, Greece


Pre-wedding party on boat Athens, Greece

Pre-wedding party on boat Athens, Greece

Here you can easily pamper yourself, your spouse-to-be and your guests. And when you think of a pre-wedding boat party, it doesn’t get more fun and laid-back than that! That’s the way Heather and Navin welcomed their happy tribe, aka their families and close friends. A magical day soaked in light, salt, azure Aegean colors, and a peach-colored sunset was exactly what they had imagined.

And our professional wedding planning team in Greece was there to help from inception to execution – and everything in-between!

A wedding ceremony & reception in Athens Riviera… to be remembered

There is nothing more exciting than to see vision and planning come to life. An intimate celebration with classic and elegant hues, sparkling whites, and a touch of something blue was the couple’s dream. We built on Heather & Navin’s wishes to create a ceremony and reception area with airy magic, elegant blooms, and dazzling shades of royal blue that added an essential touch of vividness.

Starting with the perfect wedding vendors, we worked together from start to finish ensuring that their special day would be cohesive and absolutely unique! 

A wedding planning team, stunning seaside wedding venue, a highly experienced wedding photographers team, cinematographers, caterer, pastry chefs, florist, decorators, makeup artist, hairstylist, DJ, a transportation company with minibusses, took part in this stunning destination wedding.

Groom's party in Athenian Riviera, Greece

Groom’s party in Athenian Riviera, Greece




Bridal dress in wedding venue Island art and taste Greece

Bridal dress in the wedding venue, Athenian Riviera, Greece


welcome sign board wedding venue Athens Greece Island art and taste

A welcome signboard in the wedding venue entrance


Beautiful bride before wedding ceremony, Athens Riviera, Greece

Beautiful bride photo before the wedding ceremony


Outdoor wedding ceremony in venue

Outdoor wedding ceremony in Athens Riviera venue


Outdoor wedding ceremony in Athenian Riviera venue


Outdoor wedding ceremony in Athenian Riviera venue


Wedding Ceremony Option That Fills the Sky with balloons

Wedding Ceremony that fills the Sky with balloons


In a perfect medley of whites and shades of pink and blue, the couple’s symbolic wedding ceremony was followed by the most elegant reception. Moments packed with love and romance, lots of laughs and a fair amount of tears, promises of ‘forever’ and heartfelt hugs; that’s what complemented perfectly the décor and the atmosphere that our wedding planning team had created!





wedding favours, Athenian Riviera reception, Greece

Wedding favors, Athenian Riviera reception, Greece


first dance as a married couple

First dance as a married couple for Heather and Navin


Tasteful wedding cake, Athenian Riviera wedding venue, Greece

Tasteful 3 tiers wedding cake

Love stories… to be continued

Do you want a memorable wedding like this one in Athens Riviera? Then all you need is love… and an expert wedding planner in Athens Greece! You see, extraordinary weddings don’t just happen; they are planned. So, if you have been thinking about a destination wedding, take a look at these stunningly impressive photos, get inspired, and contact us.

You may have looked for destinations all over Greece through the internet; but what’s better than asking in person a proficient?

Our wedding planning team is just there – ready to help you plan the most important day of your life. Let’s get started!

Photos credit: Eleni Dona – Wedding Photographer in Greece