Entertainment ideas for your Wedding in Greece - Wedding in Greece


Entertainment ideas for your Wedding in Greece

How to entertain you and your guests

Entertainment ideas for your Wedding in Greece

Your wedding day in Greece is not only about the ceremony but about having fun with your loved ones, as well.No one wants a boring and unimaginative wedding party! Well, luckily there are plenty of inexpensive and off-beat entertainment ideas so that your guests will have a great time and you will enjoy your destination wedding in Greece at most.

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“Wedding in Greece” inspires you with some fresh and inventive entertainment ideas for a unique wedding.

Hire a DJ!

When it comes to music, the DJ is the expert you need! Hire a professional DJ or have your wedding planner do it for you. Music is the key for your wedding entertainment and a professional knows how to do it right. At first, you should discuss your music taste and certainly about what your family and friends enjoy to listen to. Find a guideline in order to keep everyone satisfied and ready to sing and dance with you. “Wedding in Greece” planning team offers you DJ services for a unique wedding party.

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Find a band to play live at your wedding party.

Live music is better than a playlist! The right band can make a unique party atmosphere that will make you and your guests stay on the dance floor all night. Make sure that the music style of the band matches with yours and talk about the music plan you have imagined. You should take into consideration any suggestion or recommendation that the band or your wedding planners make. The cost may be a little bit higher than hiring a DJ but the results will make the difference. “Wedding in Greece” planning team is able to suggest you the best music bands for your wedding reception.

Live band for wedding in Greece
Live band for wedding in Greece

Do it the Greek way!

Well, your wedding takes place in Greece, so what is better than a Greek traditional touch on your wedding party. Whether the dance is fast, slow or medium paced, Greeks can’t stay on their seats for too long. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the steps! Dance doesn’t discriminate! It invites us all. Greek dancers can dance for you and invite you to join their circle as the traditional Greek music creates "kefi" (a Greek expression for joy, happiness, excitement, feeling good, having fun). Greek spirit will add a “wow-factor” for a fantastic and entertaining wedding party.

traditional dancers wedding Greece
Traditional dancers show for your wedding in Greece

“Parade” style!

Can you feel the rhythm? Are you a fun of drums and percussion instruments? Well, a parade is what you need for an exceptional and one-of-a-kind reception. The parade consists of percussion instrument players, preceding the entrance of the couple at the reception. Different instruments combine their sound to create a rhythmic music exactly as you have imagined. The band can play any kind of music that will entertain and please all your guests. In addition, the couple, the family and the guest can be a part of the act by singing and dancing along with the members of the band. The bride and the groom can show their dancing, singing and playing the drums talent. The parade can also offer you the flexibility to create your own playlist with your favourite songs and no one will get disappointed.

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The sensuous sound!

Do you want to add a touch of romance into your wedding reception? Do you love jazz music and blues? The best way to have a great time is by adding the sound of the saxophone in your party. You can have a saxophone virtuoso play live your favourite love song for you and your guests. The couple will dance idyllically and the guests will relax and enjoy the wonderful music. But not only this! Saxophone sound can accompany dance songs that will excite your family and friends.

Hire different entertainers!

Do you find the DJ or the dancers outmoded? Are you fun-loving and are you famous for being a teaser? Your wedding party should not be an exception! Hire a magician in order to delight the crowd with smart puzzles and tricks. Tell a mime to come and perform hilarious acts and keep that way all your guest happy. Instead of dancers, hire dance instructors to teach your family and friends how to swing, salsa or polka. In that way, even the most hesitant guest will get on the dance floor. Hire a caricaturist to sketch your guest’s portrait and offer it to them as a gift from you. You can think about any other kind of entertainment that your guests would appreciate and you would prefer and discuss it with your wedding planner in Greece.

Well, these were just some of the most interesting wedding entertainment ideas for your wedding reception. It is a party after all!

Find imaginative ways to have a great time with people you love and do not forget to enjoy every second of your wedding celebration. It happens only once! Contact our wedding planning team now at info@weddingingreece.com or fill the form here