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Frequently Asked Questions for planning a Wedding in Greece

Wedding in Greece Athens Riviera
Wedding planning in Athens Riviera, Greece
  • What exactly do you do as a wedding planner in Greece?

If you choose Greece as your wedding destination, “Wedding in Greece” planners, is here to assist you to create some of the most beautiful memories you will hold in your mind forever. Our highly experienced wedding planners can help you plan your destination wedding carefully and most importantly stress-free. The services of "Wedding in Greece" includes:

    • The arrangement of the legal aspects guides you through the documentation needed before and how the wedding is then registered.
    • We present you some of the most idyllic ceremony and reception venues to choose from
    • We introduce you to some of the most gifted and professional wedding vendors in Greece like florists, wedding photographers, DJs, beauty vendors, or anyone else you may need for your special day.
    • Timeline of the day,
    • Budget formulation,
    • Vendors coordination and contracting,
    • On the day of event management,
    • Through regular communication, we try to inject your taste and character into your wedding and create an event that reflects your personality and style. But, if you need us we are also here to provide inspirational ideas.
    • As we have an in-depth knowledge of the Greek wedding market we are trying to book the best deals for you and make the most out of your budget.
    • A wedding planner undertakes the overall concept development.
    • Also, our wedding planners can help you with your journey to Greece and the accommodation while you are here. We take care of every detail and we are at your disposal to discuss anything. We are here to turn your expectations into reality and make your wedding in Greece unforgettable.    
  • What makes your service different than other wedding planners/coordinators?

The "Wedding in Greece" team, is operating in the field of destination wedding planning for more than ten years. During this period we have organized more than 150 weddings all over Greece with main places of operation in Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens Riviera, so our knowledge of the greek wedding market is undeniable.  We are used to working in a multicultural environment as we plan and coordinate weddings for couples coming from different nationalities and religions all around the world. Every wedding is tailor-made and our services are based on transparency. We never do double bookings, because we think that the wedding day is called a “big day” for a reason and our couple should enjoy our complete attention. But, you can find our competitive advantage in our people. The team of company consists of renowned professionals in their field of expertise with long experience in the sector of weddings, who are there first to listen to you and try to comprehend you. Apart from the wedding planners, the team is also included a highly experienced wedding photographer and an innovative decorator in order to achieve weddings with aesthetics and technical excellence.   

  • “How early should couples start to plan their wedding?”

Usually, couples start planning their wedding about one year before the big event. This time distance is preferable especially if you are thinking about a summer wedding, as wedding venues during this period of the year are in very high demand. It may become tricky to book your desired date the closer you get to it. So planning a wedding a year in advance offers you the great advantage to be able to examine more options before taking the final decision. Also, generally, you have more time to discuss with your wedding planner about the design and development of the big day and avoid the pressure. On the other hand, if you are a last-moment kind of person we can assist you too, as we can manage to organize your dreamy wedding two or three months before the day of the event. In that case, defining your needs and being flexible is the key to an unforgettable destination wedding in Greece.    

  • What type of packages do you offer

We do not offer a specific type of ready-made package. We handle every wedding as a unique experience. We hear your thoughts and wishes, we put our experience and knowledge of the market and we provide tailor-made weddings designed only for you. The presentation of a specific package could lead to the limitation of imagination. This is not something that reflects the philosophy of "Wedding in Greece". Every package is born and shaped the same moment that you decide to inquire about our company. You have full awareness of what the package includes, and how your budget is being handled and you have the opportunity to contact the vendors yourself. Certainly, the range of our services, noticed in question 1, is applicable to any type of package you choose to engage.         

  •   “What areas do you service?

The main areas of our wedding planning activity are in Athens Riviera, Mykonos, and Santorini, as they considered being the best places for a destination wedding in Greece. Of course, we carry weddings throughout the whole country, from the sandy beaches of Chalkidiki to the graphic old port of Chania. If you have visited a place in Greece and made a promise to yourself that this will be your wedding spot, we are here to make this commitment to yourself a wonderful wedding memory. Geographic boundaries are not considered a limitation for us. 

wedding in santorini GEM with caldera background
Santorini GEM wedding venue


  • There is a lot of talk about the “Day of Coordination”. Can you share what your experience has been and maybe the misnomer of the title “Day of”,

The “Day of Coordination” is a reference to the wedding day for a wedding planner. However, the“Day of Coordination” does not really include one day. The organization of a wedding and the creation of a timeline is, in fact, a long procedure that includes very careful planning. On the day of coordination, the wedding planner has just put into practice the ultimate time plan which they build with high attention the months before. During that day, two or three hours before the wedding begins, the wedding planner is contacting all the vendors to make sure that they are appropriately informed about the schedule and confirm that no changes have been made to the agreed services. The wedding planner is present during your wedding ceremony and reception, to help your guests orient themselves inside the venue or indicate to them if needed their transportation means, coordinate the vendors, make sure that everything is going according to plan, and immediately intervene if anything else comes up. This describes in a few words what “Day of” stands for.         

  • Will you work with vendors we select or only those you recommend

The vendors we introduce you are successful professionals with years of experience and thorough knowledge of their sector. We guarantee that they can offer an excellent outcome, and be precise and typical in the given time plan. Certainly, we are open to cooperating with a vendor of your preference if you think that they better satisfy your needs.

  • What is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator? I am already working with a Catering Manager at my venue, and he/she is very helpful. Why do I need your help?

A catering manager at a venue can prove very helpful regarding the decoration of the venue, the food and beverage consultation, and the arrangement of the tables, and in general, they can handle in the best way the dynamic of each venue has to offer. However, planning a destination wedding in Greece does not only include these kinds of tasks. The difference between a catering manager and a wedding planner is that the latter takes on the overall concept development of the wedding, creates budget and time plans, introduces you to different vendors so that you can have multiple alternatives to choose from, and book with them the best deals. Most importantly, a wedding planner has a long experience in organizing and designing weddings in many different locations spread around Greece, so their horizons are expanded. They can advise you about the legal paperwork, coordinate vendors from different fields of expertise during your wedding day, and be prepared to find a solution for everything it may come up. A wedding planner cooperates with a catering manager among other vendors during the organization of a wedding, whereas catering managers usually work within their domain/wedding venue.      

  • “How many weddings do you plan per year?

We aim at quality, not quantity. We prefer to serve a specific number of weddings per year, as we want every couple to receive the highest care from our team. This is the main reason why we never do double bookings on the same day. Your wedding requires the highest attention, so our professionals take the organization and coordination of each wedding very seriously. There is no room for mistakes. We stick to every little detail because we know that all the couples share the same thrill for this day, regardless of if their marriage is being held at a luxurious venue on Athens Riviera with hundreds of guests or in a chapel standing on the top of a cliff in Santorini with a few friends and family. The attention is always turned toward your needs and communication with your wedding planner is ceaseless.   

arab wedding athens chapel greece

  • “Is the Coordinator I meet with (at my complimentary consultation) going to be the same Coordinator I work with the entire time, or will I be assigned a different person?”

The person who will contact you at your complimentary consultation will be the wedding planner who will carry the organization and realization of your wedding in Greece from the beginning until the end. They will be in charge of any aspect of your wedding, from contacting the vendors to on-the-day event management. Changing a wedding planner could lead to disorientation and undesirable situations. Through meaningful communication your wedding planner will try to fully understand your desires and personal taste, adopting your thought as their thought. Only she/he can have an in-depth knowledge of every single touch of your wedding, from the number of roses each table must have to the flavor of the cake frosting. In that way, we believe that we can fix any misfortune before this even happens.

  • “How long have you been in business? Do you have liability insurance?”

We are in the business of destination wedding planning in Greece for more than a decade. Our long professional experience is evident in every aspect of our actions. We cooperate with a wide range of successful vendors throughout the country, with main areas of activity in Athens Riviera, Santorini, and Mykonos. We have organized weddings for couples coming from all around the globe, catering to different cultures and religions. If you desire to cooperate with our company you will be asked to sign a private contract, in which we include and analyze thoroughly the obligations under which we are engaged. As we strongly believe in the sense of transparency, our liability insurance does not only rely on the private contract you sign with Wedding in Greece but is extended to the private contracts you will be asked to sign with the chosen vendors as well. Building the perfect wedding is enough to worry about, so we try to take any other worries off your shoulders by meticulously putting everything in writing.

  • Can I afford a wedding planner?

Many couples may think that wedding planners are unaffordable and it would be better to avoid them. Although, a wedding expert can save you a lot of money in the long term and cut all the unnecessary expenses. Especially when you are planning a destination wedding, therefore, you are probably not familiar with the prices of another country’s market. Unfortunately, many vendors will try to take advantage of that. Our wedding planners, with years of experience and knowledge of the Greek wedding market and vendors, will find you the best offers for what you need and help you avoid expensive mistakes. Not only will you lower the money cost, but you will also eliminate the mental cost, as your Wedding in Greece planner will orient you through the whole procedure and strive to get the best offers for you from a wide range of contacts. Plenty of alternatives, with fair deals, are the main reason why a Wedding in Greece planner must be considered as a cost-effective solution.       

  • “What if you double-book my date?” 

It is our principle to never make double bookings on the same day. At "Wedding in Greece", we take very seriously the fact that is your special day and the focus must be maintained around you. Your wedding coordinator and the team of Wedding in Greece are only at your disposal during that day and they are concentrated so that your wedding is flawless and relieve you from all the stress. 

  • Will you be there on my wedding day?

Of course, the wedding planner who is assigned to you from the beginning of our communication will be there to supervise that everything is running smoothly, according to time and plan. Depending on the number of guests and the type of each wedding, more professionals from Weddings in Greece will also attend your big event in order to assist the main coordinator and be your eyes during the whole day. Our highly experienced staff will guarantee a slick event, without any unexpected surprises. 

Wedding in Santorini Greece
  • Do you get a commission for using your preferred vendors?

Getting a commission from our preferred vendors is not an option for us. We want our relationship to build trust and transparency. During your overall wedding organization, you will be able to examine the way that your budget is handled through a continuously updated list, which will include the name of the vendor, the services agreed upon, the cost, and their contact details in order to speak directly to them if you wish. As transparency is the number one priority for our company, apart from the private contract which you will sign with Wedding in Greece, you will also have separate contracts with each vendor you choose in order to own a complete consciousness of how your money is being distributed. We do not make any arrangements without your fully signed agreement. The only reason why we suggest you some vendors is that according to our years of experience we know who the best professionals in every category of services are and we can guarantee the quality of their work.     

  • Do you cater to specific religions?

No, we do not have restrictions on catering to specific religions. During our years of operation, we have organized orthodox, catholic, protestant, Arab, and Hindu weddings in Greece, Sikh, and Jewish weddings. The multicultural spirit of Wedding in Greece is allowing us to offer you a dream wedding regardless of your religion, but always with respect to your traditions and customs.

Hindu wedding santorini Greece
Hindu wedding Santorini Greece
  • Do you plan same-sex weddings?

Yes, Greece offers so many wonderful venues to hold your marriage. Even though same-sex marriage is not legally recognized in Greece, you can have a symbolic wedding, a commitment ceremony, or a vow renewal in any destination you prefer and celebrate your love with your friends and family. You can compose your own ceremony and add your very own personal style. You can include sayings, poems, and songs that have a special meaning to you as a couple. Discuss with your wedding planner and create together a memorable ceremony and reception that reflects your character, taste, and aesthetics.  

same sex couple change rings for their wedding in greece
same-sex wedding in Greece
  1. I think I want to work with "Wedding in Greece". How do we get started?

The first step if you want to start working with us is to fill out our contact form which you will find on our Wedding in Greece website. Very soon a destination wedding planner expert will contact you and you will schedule a Skype meeting.  There, you can discuss your needs and wishes or some ideas you already have in your mind about your big event. Our wedding planner team will listen carefully and propose some venues and vendors, guiding you through the potential of each option. Then you will sign a private contract with "Wedding in Greece" in order to finalize the cooperation and together with your destination wedding expertise you will start organizing your wedding. Separate private contracts will be composed and signed between you and your preferred vendors.


  • "How long in advance do I need to be in Greece before the wedding day?"

Depends on the type of wedding you choose, whether it is religious, symbolic, or civil. Usually, we advise our couples to be in the chosen wedding destination two or three days in advance in order to arrange, if needed, the last legal documentation or discuss with their wedding planner the last little details of the wedding. Of course, everything will be thoroughly discussed, planned, and arranged in the meanwhile communication with our wedding experts, but we are here to provide guidance and erase any little doubt it may come up until the last moment. Other than that, why not have those couple of days for yourselves, enjoying the Greek sun and relaxing on the sandy beaches before the big event? After all, a stressed-free couple is a happy couple.   

  •  "Do you also arrange accommodation for my guests?"

We sure provide you with many different accommodation options, from standard apartments to luxurious 5* hotels and wedding villas, according to your needs and the number of guests. It is up to you to make the selection. 

  • "Can I hire a wedding planner to be on sight and manage only my wedding day without using your previous planning services?"

Yes, we can be there and coordinate only your wedding day. You have to keep in mind that this means that we will confirm the vendors you have already booked, and make sure everyone is in their position according to the timeline and the day is running smoothly. But, as we did not plan your wedding from scratch, you have to provide the wedding planner with a detailed plan of what you already agreed with the vendors and give the contact details of everyone involved. As you can understand, in that case, our company is not responsible for any misfit it maybe arouses between you and your chosen vendors. 

  • "Where should I focus my budget?"

There is no correct answer to that question. Every couple has a different plan for their wedding day. You have to enrich every aspect of your big day with your personality. If you dream about the creation of a fairyland, maybe you would like to focus more on flowers and decoration. If you think that the venue that you chose is already beautiful as it is and you stand for “less is more”, maybe you could invest in entertainment, like hiring your favorite band or Dj, or both, set up a wedding photo booth or enlist a dance teacher to turn your reception into a party. Nobody knows what is best for you than yourselves. You have to set your priorities and discuss them with your wedding planner in order to make the most out of your budget. As we are proud to say that we know the greek wedding market better than anyone else, we guarantee that you will have your dream wedding according to your taste and character. We are here to listen and transform inspirational ideas into reality. Through continuous communication and budget adaptation, you can be more than sure about the outcome.   

Temple of Poseidon, Sounio, Greece wedding photo 

  • Do you also plan pre-wedding or bachelor/hen parties?

Yes, we plan pre-wedding parties for your friends and family in luxurious venues in Athens Riviera or on boat cruises in Santorini and Mykonos. We are also arranging bachelor and hen parties. Take your girlfriends and enjoy your day in an all-day spa or spend your evening with your best friends in the cosmopolitan clubs of some island. We are here to listen to your every desire and help you realize it.