Glance at a Greek wedding in Psathopyrgos Wedding In Greece
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Glance at a Greek wedding in Psathopyrgos

The Greek wedding scenery

Psathopyrgos is a tourist village and a community in the municipal unit of Rio in the northern part of AchaeaGreece.

More precisely the village is located on the Corinthian Gulf and the following picture gives an idea about this amazing place.

Let’s meet our Greek wedding couple!

Lgeor and Giovanna is a wonderful couple who chose to  get married at the picturesque village of Psathopyrgos.

There are two main features for this lovely couple:

  • The love for one another, of course
  • Their love for their Smart car!

It may appear quite strange to mention their love for the Smart cars. But what if we let you know that Lgeor is the founder of Smartmania!

The story of this Greek wedding

Our team participated in the organization of this wonderful Greek wedding. More precisely, we were in charge of the wedding photography. The result was amazing but also in accordance with the couples’ wishes! Both Lgeor and Giovanna went to the church by their own Smart cars which were actually dressed as Groom and Bride.

The wedding photography was performed under difficult conditions, as the church was small and there were too many guests. The artistic photography that followed, had a very nice background, though it darkened slowly, making it technically difficult.

Check out some of the wedding pictures we took!

Lgeor and Giovanna,

our best wishes for your new life. Every day of your life may be as happy as the day of your wedding!