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Best Wedding Destination in Europe

What makes Greece the best Wedding Destination in Europe?


Greece as the absolute wedding destination in Europe

When deciding to tie the knot abroad, it is hard to decide which is the best wedding destination in Europe that will give you the fairytale wedding of your dreams. There are numerous countries with their own, special character, dream landscapes, and romantic ambiance for your big day. But how can you choose the one that will offer you the absolute destination wedding experience abroad? Just close your eyes and fantasize about the perfect wedding setting. If the first pictures that come to your mind are sun, sea, sand, blue and white colors, and delicious food, then Greece is the only answer!

Most superior wedding destination in Greece

Santorini wedding with Caldera view

Best locations in Greece for destination weddings

Santorini, Mykonos, Athens Riviera….places that stand proudly among Europe’s top wedding destinations, offer world-class wedding experiences that attract thousands of couples from all over the world to exchange their eternal vows at the Land of the Gods.  But what exactly makes so many people want to get married in Greece?

Trust us, we can make a trilogy analyzing a million and one reasons why a wedding in Greece is so attractive to foreign couples, but we will narrow it down to the ten most important of them plus a bonus one!

Best wedding destination Europe

Santorini wedding with Caldera view

10 reasons to pick Greece as the most suitable European destination

  1. Rich cultural and historical background

There’s nothing more eye-opening than being immersed in a culture that’s not your own. The Greek culture is extremely rich and open to diversity, thus welcoming people from abroad to get married with respect to their own national peculiarities.  You can easily enrich your traditional nuptial rituals with any Greek tradition you like: for example, being accompanied by traditional violins playing Greek music while arriving at the church of your Maronite wedding.

Above all, Greece, the land that gave birth to democracy and philosophy, has a wide variety of historic landmarks and natural wonders to spoil you. So why not combine your wedding with a historic trip – for example, a visit to the historic temple of Acropolis-that will leave precious memories for you and your guests? There are so many points of interest and monuments in Greece that you will never feel bored, no matter how many days you have booked for our wedding trip. You can even combine it with your honeymoon trip in order to make the most out of your stay here!

  1. Mesmerizing beach locations

You can already picture amazing Greek landscapes that would create the perfect setting and impress your guests, leaving truly unforgettable memories from your wedding. The countless romantic sand beaches with crystal clear waters, the dramatic scenery of the Caldera cliffs, the lovely little white chapels with infinite view to the sea, the cute little fishing villages, the ancient landmarks that form a not-to-miss world heritage… are all attractions that make unique settings or remarkable weddings in Greece. This country offers countless exotic locations where you can organize your nuptial days and give not only a special aesthetic but mostly a deep meaning that will make the difference in your matrimonial.

Not to mention that you can also combine your wedding with wonderful sightseeing excursions. Just imagine a luxury yacht sunset tour along with your guests on the last day of your trip together, as a strong experience that will strengthen our bonds and leave a wonderful memory in everyone’s mind! Or a one-day-trip to the picturesque historic islands of the Saronic Gulf. Sounds tempting enough?

Groom's party photo in Santorini Caldera wedding. Wedding planner "Wedding in Greece"

  1. Superior Venues and Top-notch Services

Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini offer exclusive luxury seaside venues and top-class services that guarantee perfect catering for a totally restful wedding day. Just picture a Santorini wedding in a 360-view terrace facing the wonderful volcano, a luxury seaside venue on a volcanic beach, a boho beach venue in Mykonos, or an exotic rooftop pool venue at the Athenian Rivera. 

As a European country that hosts thousands of destination weddings every year, all the services are adapted to any nationality and special needs. The local wedding vendors are extremely skilled and experienced professionals, offering high-class services that will leave you totally laid-back before and during your big day, with enough time to focus on having a superb time with your guests.

Seaside wedding venue for Hindu weddings in Greece

Seaside wedding venue for weddings in Greece

  1. Heartwarming hospitality

Maybe the most predominant synonym of Greece is hospitality. And how could it not be? Greeks are hospitable, warm, and fun-loving, creating the relaxing feeling that you are at home on any occasion. In this way experiencing your wedding in Greece will feel totally natural and stress-free, taken care of by people that will make you feel welcome and free to create your own personal style. Any type of wedding is welcome here: Hindu, Sikh, Maronite, Symbolic, Lesbian, Multicultural, Catholic, Civil wedding, or Orthodox.

  1. Crazy Nightlife

Greece is known for its vivid nightlife. In the country that never sleeps, every celebration is long, lasting till the early morning hours. The local wedding parties here can last up to 3 days in a row! There are hardly any restrictions in the closing time of the wedding venues.  In this way, you can enjoy every moment of your wedding party with your guests until the very last drop!

  1. Delicious food

No wonder why the Mediterranean diet is considered the best in the world. Greece has authentic, mouth-watering delicacies that can satisfy even the most demanding palate. Take one bite of any typical Greek meze and you’ll feel like you’re floating in heaven! Now, imagine several of these meals being served to your loved ones on the biggest day of your life. A big wedding buffet with local delicacies and made from the freshest ingredients from skilled Greek chefs, ready to satisfy the hunger after a long day of preparations or ceremonies. Isn’t your belly already grunting?

Greek wedding buffet in Reception

Greek wedding buffet dinner

  1. Marvelous weather

With a Mediterranean climate and more than 250 days of sun per year, you can be sure that the weather of your big day will be perfect for an outdoor wedding! The perfect season to plan your destination wedding in Greece is undoubtedly from May till October, as these are the warmest months of the year, thus the most popular in terms of event planning.

  1. Easy accessibility

Looking for the best wedding destination in Europe, accessibility is one of the most critical factors. Either if you wish to get married in Athens, or on one of the most famous Greek islands as Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete, you can easily reach them by plane. There are airports in all the famous wedding destinations in Greece. Athens has an international airport so it is highly advisable to organize your wedding there, as it is reachable from anywhere in the world and easy to move around. In addition, the venues and hotels are within a small distance from the airport, so you can easily move from place to place with the least possible fuss.

  1. COVID – Free Environment

Greece is one of the states that boast less Covid-19 cases than any other European country. This means that you don’t need to stress about strict travel restrictions or extreme risk when visiting for your wedding event, neither for you nor for your beloved ones. Greece has imposed effective protocols for the prevention of the spread of the virus in the hospitality sector and they are followed strictly by the local vendors. As a result, you can be sure that all the precautions are kept in detail, and you can enjoy a totally stress-free wedding with your guests. Planning a wedding in Greece in COVID years it’s a very safe option

  1. Adjustable Budget

Compared with the rest of the popular destinations in Europe for weddings, Greece is the absolute-value-for-money location. You can organize your wedding on any economic estimation, whether you want a small elopement or a massive luxurious 3-day matrimonial with a long list of guests. Greece is a country that applies to any possible budget and style and is considered to be more economic than any other European destination.

+1 Highly – experienced Wedding Planners

Greek wedding planners don’t just want to organize just another wedding. We take each destination wedding as a personal matter because we want it to be unparalleled to any other. As experienced wedding professionals, we cope with all the practicalities of your matrimonial in total accordance with your wishes and desires. We are looking forward not only to meet but mostly exceed your expectations by making a sensitive and highly creative approach to your nuptial vision.

With a passion for quality, personalization, and unique touch that make each matrimonial special, we set your happiness and your lifelong memories as our top priority. We want to be by your side in every step of your wedding planning and guarantee a stress-free wedding planning and execution. We strive to make each wedding a magical and wonderful experience that will remain in your mind and heart for years to come!

Traditional boat from Mykonos to Delos trip

Traditional boat for an island wedding in Greece

Your destination wedding in Greece will definitely be a unique, life-marking experience!

Still not convinced if Greece is the best wedding destination in Europe? Contact us to give you a thousand more reasons! Whatever your vision for the perfect wedding is, we can make it happen.

Want to know more details about the European best wedding destination? Check out the Frequently asked questions for weddings in Greece

One of the most important vendors at a destination wedding is the photographer.  Eleni Dona is our suggested wedding photographer in Greece.

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