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Hindu wedding in Greece, Athens Riviera, Simi

Simi and Nisheeth, an emblematic Hindu Wedding in Athenian Riviera

A traditional Indian Wedding in Greece in Athens, Greece


Indian Bride and Groom is posing with flower garlands

If you are wondering whether foreign nuptial traditions can apply to Greece, then take a look at a successful Hindu wedding in Athens Greece. The exact location was the extremely romantic Athenian Riviera!

It was back in the USA when the Indian couple, Simi and Nisheeth, took the lifetime decision to tie the knot. But that wasn’t enough for them. They wanted to make their wedding day count more than any other day of their life together.

So they easily come up with the perfect unconventional wedding plan: why not arrange an exceptional three-day Hindu wedding in Greece?

After contacting us as one of the best professional wedding planners in Greece, we dealt with all the necessary arrangements in some of the main landmark venues in Athens. Our primary goal was to make sure that we could get far beyond the couple’s expectations, in order to give them an unforgettable Hindu wedding experience in Greece!

And, of course, promising and fruitful cooperation made it much easier, elegant, and even more remarkable than they imagined!

Take a closer look at one of the most emblematic Indian weddings we take pride in planning.

A colorful Hindu Wedding in Athens, the Greek capital

Day one initiated the wedding preparations with a promising welcome dinner reception at the beautiful seaside Hotel. An exquisite, cozy atmosphere was the perfect chance for all the guests and both the families to get to know each other for the upcoming wedding in Greece.

Sangeet day for Indian events


Indian bridal jewelry in Greece

Bride wearing Indian bridal jewelry


Colorful Sangeet celebrations in Hindu wedding


On day two, a Sangeet event, an unmissable part of the Hindu wedding tradition, brought the families and friends together in an unforgettable musical pre-wedding celebration.

Dancing along the traditional Indian desi-vibes, all the guests, dressed in their most colorful and blingiest clothes and jewelry, brought down their barriers and mingled in a super-fun celebration, dedicated to the bonding of the couple.

Seaside wedding venue for Hindu weddings in Greece


Flower decoration for Mehndi party in Athens Greece

                                     Flower decoration for Mehndi party in Athens Greece


Flower decoration for Mehndi party in Athens Greece

Mehndi party in Athens Greece



Mehndi party in seaside wedding venue in Athens Greece

Mehndi party in a seaside wedding venue in Athens Greece


Wedding venue in Athens Greece


A spiritual nuptial Hindu bonding

Day three started early with the traditional Religious Indian wedding rituals according to the Chura and Haid custom.

Vibrant colors, floral arrangements as marigolds, and a chic festive atmosphere signed the jubilant wedding affair.

After the separate preparation of the couple, the arrival of Nisheeth on a stunning white horse marked the beginning of the wedding ceremony at a private wedding venue, with a stunning view of Athens Riviera.

Symbolizing the initiation of Simi in her new stage of life, her hands and feet were traditionally covered in elaborate mehndi designs, depicting the signs of good luck, love, happiness, fertility, and protection from the bad spirits.

The wedding ritual started with a small Varmala ceremony, where the stunningly dressed couple exchanged wedding garlands under a big Mandap, decorated with imposing lights and heart-warming fresh flowers.


Traditional Hindu wedding ceremony in Athens Riviera, Greece

The main wedding ceremony followed all the typical Indian traditions and meanings, from the Sari, the henna tattoos on the body, the shiny gold jewelry on the hairstyle, and, above all,  the symbol of fire and the vows in Sanskrit, which made all this one imposing nuptial ritual.

Choosing the power of the gold and red colors, representing wealth, happiness, and good fortune, both Simi and Nisheeths’ outfit provided a dramatic, grandiose color scheme to the ritual. Based on silk in red color, and covered in flowers, they are both looking towards the prosperity and bloom of their spiritually united life.

The after-wedding party lasted until the early hours of that warm morning. Wild dance performances and heart-warming smiles were deponents of a surely pleasant and unforgettable experience under the night Athenian sky.


Indian Bride posing during her preparations wearing jewels


Indian Bride posing with Saree in bridal preparation room


Groom Baraat coming with a white horse for Religious ceremony

Groom Baraat with a white horse


Flower decoration in Athens Greece


Wedding venue in Athens Riviera for Hindu wedding


Mandap for Religious wedding ceremony in Greece

Mandap for a Religious wedding ceremony, Athens Riviera, Greece


Mandap for Religious Hindu wedding in Greece


Hindu ceremony for wedding in Greece


Mehndi in Bride hands during wedding in Greece

                         Mehndi design in Bride’s hands


Indian Bride walking down the aisle in wedding venue


Mandap for Religious Hindu wedding in front of a pool

                                Mandap for Religious Hindu wedding


Flower decorated Mandap for Hindu wedding in Athens Greece

Wedding Mandap with flower decoration


Hindu wedding ceremony with fire in Mandap Greece


Saxophone player for wedding in Greece


Mandap in sunset time Athens Greece


Wedding Reception in Athens Riviera Greece, wedding venue

Planning a traditional Hindu wedding in Athens Greece

Our experienced Wedding Planners Team was constantly present at any time to keep an eye on each and every detail and make sure that nothing will slip the plans and expectations of the couple. And -of course- everything worked like magic!

Simi and Nisheeth, thank you for the trust you put in our planning three days of a spectacular Indian Wedding in Greece! We wish you a blissful life together, full of unconditional love and happiness! May your wedding memories in Greece last for a lifetime!

Do you want to step out of the ordinary and perform your local wedding traditions abroad? Let our professional Wedding Planners organize in detail your destination wedding in Greece! Contact us for an unforgettable, stress-free wedding experience!

Not sure when to start planning your wedding in Greece? Check out our timeline for planning a destination wedding in Greece.

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