Jewish Wedding in Greece - Wedding in Greece

In recent years many Jewish couples choose Greece for their wedding. The interest in the amazing wedding venues in one of the most beautiful countries in the world has lately increased. Have you ever thought of your Jewish wedding in Greece taking place in a majestic location? The bright sun will surround nicely your wedding and the sea will enhance the romantic atmosphere.

In cooperation with your wedding planner in Greece, you and your match will choose the ideal wedding destination. The “Wedding in Greece” team helps you organize the perfect Jewish Wedding in venues all over the country and islands, respecting every religious and family tradition.

Wedding Venues all over Greece!

You and your loved one will have the opportunity to choose among wonderful wedding venues all over Greece. Our wedding planning team is ready to suggest destinations of extreme beauty in order to enjoy your wedding ceremony the most. Mountains or the sea, big cities, or picturesque villages are all available to host your Jewish wedding in Greece. Some of the most popular and beautiful wedding destinations in Greece are:

  • Santorini: The most notable island of the Aegean Sea is famous for its wild beauty and unique landscape. This extraordinary background will make your wedding an unforgettable experience. Numerous couples have chosen Santorini for their Jewish Wedding in Greece so far. Find more about Santorini weddings here
  • Athens: The capital of Greece is considered a fantastic wedding destination. The glory of Ancient Greece still makes the difference! In addition, wonderful seaside venues are very close to the city and available to hold the wedding ceremony. Combining the past and the present, the city, and the shore, Athens is one of the best destinations for your wedding. Find more about weddings in Athens here
  • Crete: The biggest island in Greece, full of hospitality and joy, is a great venue for your wedding. Your ceremony can be performed right by the sea with an outstanding view of the Aegean Sea. The city of Chania is one of the most picturesque locations on the island and is perfect for wedding photos. Crete will surely provide an exceptional wedding experience. Find more about weddings in Crete here
  • Rhodes: Another wonderful island of the Aegean Sea, Rhodes, will capture your heart. The amazing medieval buildings and the castle will be the absolute background for your wedding. The couple and the guest will have a memorable time. Check here for your wedding on Rhodes island
  • Zante: This Island is located in the western part of Greece. It is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. Your wedding in Zante will be dreamy as the wedding venues are unique and just a few steps from the beautiful Ionian Sea.

 “Wedding in Greece” for your Jewish Wedding.

  • The preparation: Jewish wedding is a very respectable ceremony. All the religious stages of the wedding are performed according to your own traditions. Before the ceremony, you and your wedding planner will discuss all the details of your wedding and tradition in order to have perfect results. Our team will take care of all the legal obligations needed. You should take into consideration that a wedding is valid only if both bride and groom are Jewish.
  • The ceremony: The typical features of a Jewish wedding ceremony are: the ketubah, the Chuppah or Huppah, the ring, and the breaking of the glass. Before the wedding ceremony the couple signs a sort of contract, called ketubah, stating the groom’s obligations towards the bride. The traditional ceremony is performed under a canopy, the Chuppah or Huppah. During the ceremony, the couple exchanges a ring of eternal union and love. When the ceremony is nearly ending, the groom breaks a glass with his right foot, symbolizing the moderation and the temper of Jewish nature. The ceremony is followed by a magnificent feast and dancing.
  • “Wedding in Greece” services: Our wedding planning team takes complete responsibility for your ceremony preparation. We suggest you the ideal, outdoor or indoor, wedding venue, according to your personal needs and fund. We help the whole family get properly prepared for the ceremony and make sure that everything is arranged. Our professionals in photo-shooting and video filming will make your wedding unforgettable. All the best moments will be captured in amazing photos and videos reminding the happiest day of your life. The “Wedding in Greece” team is ready to provide you with any other kind of help concerning decoration, styling, or reception planning. Check here all available wedding planning services

Greece seems to be the perfect destination for your wedding. Imagine your dreamy wedding in this dreamy destination. There is nothing to worry about! Just think of all the captivating moments you will experience at your Jewish wedding in Greece!