Lebanese wedding in Athens, Greece, Maria & Gaby - Wedding in Greece
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Lebanese wedding in Athens, Greece, Maria & Gaby

Maria Gaby, a Lebanese, Orthodox wedding in Athens

When Maria and Gaby asked us to plan their wedding in the heart of the Greek capital, we immediately jumped to it! You see, Lebanese weddings are always impressive, filled to the brim with unique traditions, loud music and hours of dancing; if you’ve never been to a Lebanese wedding before, here’s your chance to experience it through our expert wedding team’s eyes.

Maria and Gaby live in Qatar but chose to take to the road and host their wedding in Greece because they wanted to have a stunning destination wedding in a country they both love, while also encouraging their relatives and friends to travel. But what was the most suitable destination in Greece where we could organize a spectacular wedding day for them and help them seal their lives together with a romantic ceremony and a great reception? Probably a wedding in Athens.

The couple got prepared in the tranquil and elegant ambiance of a luxurious hotel in the heart of the Greek capital. Did we say weddings for couples coming from Lebanon are impressive? Well, we didn’t just mean the decoration! At a Lebanese wedding, always expect to see an amazing wedding gown of ethereal beauty, like the one Maria chose for her special day. Of course, our expert wedding team was there to take care of the little but important details of the bridal preparation.

Greek Orthodox ceremony in Lebanese wedding

Greek Orthodox ceremony in Lebanese wedding

Ready for the ceremony; with the magnificent backdrop of the outstanding scenery of Athens, the couple said “I do” surrounded by their beloved family and friends. Maria and Gaby chose to tie the knot with a religious, Orthodox wedding; if you’ve never experienced such a ceremony before, you should know that an Orthodox wedding is always full of profound symbolism and emotional moments. The couple was led through the ceremony by their priest (in the Arabic language) while their guests were surrounded by mind-blowing adornments. Flickering candles and alluring ribbon-tied bunches of long stalk flowers – what else is needed for a truly romantic ceremony? Well, maybe the elegant color palette of pure white with a touch of silver hues that everybody loved. Of course, “Wedding in Greece” had taken care of the decoration and every little detail was arranged by professionals.  

Bridal bouquet for a Lebanese wedding in Greece

And off to the glamorous reception. When it comes to Lebanese wedding parties, one thing is certain: they are always large, memorable, and absolutely lavish. The wedding venue was specially decorated to combine classic Greek elements with a more contemporary Middle Eastern style. Through inspired decoration and strategic placement of candles, favors, flower arrangements, and centerpieces, our wedding planning team in Greece managed to all these extra touches that created a luxurious atmosphere that truly took the happy couple and their guests to a world full of romance and glamour – and isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day when we attend a wedding reception?

Arab speaking priest for lebanese weddings in Greece

Arab speaking priest for lebanese weddings in Greece


Lebanese wedding ceremony Athens Greece

Lebanese wedding ceremony Greece Athens

What else? Just imagine mouthwatering dishes and lots of fun; well, there were some tears of laughter and joy too! But the highlight of the wedding party was the vibrant music and the Greek traditional dances the newly-weds and the guests fell head over heels in love with. Dancing traditional Greek dancers at your wedding is a great way to celebrate the local culture and the professional dancers our wedding team chose successfully managed to lead the way to the dance floor. The escort table had a sign that said “You can find your seat here, but your place is on the dance floor” – well, all guests found their place and there were so much joy and enthusiasm in the air!

The party kept going up until the early hours of the morning and everybody celebrated non-stop, turning the dance floor into a beautiful mosaic of colors and moves. If you ever attend a Lebanese wedding, prepared to be exhausted at the end of the night – and don’t forget to bring an extra pair of flat shoes because you will be certainly expected to dance!

Lebanese bride and groom in church ceremony Greece

Lebanese bride and groom in church ceremony Greece

Seating plan for a wedding reception Athens Greece

bridal bouquet for a Lebanese wedding in Athens Greece

Lebanese wedding bridal bouquet


Lebanese bride and groom at wedding reception Greece

Lebanese bride and groom at wedding reception Greece


Lebanese wedding party Athens Greece


Greek dancers at Lebanese wedding reception Greece


Traditional dancers for Lebanese wedding in Greece


Wedding in Greece” planning team also organized a special photo shooting for the newly-weds. After all, plenty of pictures of the bride and groom are must-haves for a Lebanese wedding; dear Maria & Gaby you definitely set our cameras on fire!

This wedding day was the perfect ending to a new beginning. And they lived happily ever after… So if you’re dreaming of a dazzling wedding day like the one Maria and Gaby experienced, pack your bags and grab your passport! Our expert wedding planners in Greece will be here, ready to give you the lowdown on what to do, what to avoid and how to tie the nuptial knot in the birthplace of Eros, the god of love.

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