Live streaming of your Wedding in Greece
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Live Streaming Wedding

Live streaming your wedding in Greece


Your destination wedding in Greece is definitely a special event. You would be glad if everyone could make it to your wedding, but sometimes distance or other commitments may be serious impediments. Receiving a negative answer to your wedding invitation makes you feel unhappy, but “Wedding in Greece” has found the way for sharing your big day with your loved ones.

Technology has the answer! Since the rise in the availability of internet connection nearly everywhere, live-streaming technology has made the impossible come true! Your wedding can be streamed live to the internet and each and every of your beloved ones will have the opportunity to watch your amazing wedding ceremony in Greece.


  • What is wedding live-streaming?

Live-streaming technology allows you to view and distribute video content live using a camera through internet connection. It is commonly used during destination wedding ceremonies. Despite the fact that your wedding location in Greece will be idyllic, the distance may hamper your guests. But, not only this. Any of your guests may face any kind of difficulties in joining your wedding ceremony. Technology gives you the possibility to share your moments with those who couldn’t make it to the ceremony. Your wedding can be filmed and shared simultaneously with anyone you choose. Streaming has recently entered the wedding industry and “Wedding in Greece” gives you the opportunity to enjoy its benefits.


  • Why should I live stream my wedding?

You should consider live-streaming as an option when everything else seems impossible. Streaming your wedding live is an easy and inexpensive option. Think all the special people of your life that couldn’t make it to your wedding for their reasons. Why not to give them the chance to watch your ceremony live and feel all these deep emotions with you? Your wedding planner in Greece will support and help you share your nuptial moments with the guests that couldn’t be there.


  • How does it work?

Live-streaming works through the internet. “Wedding in Greece” team will record the ceremony with 1 to 3 cameras and they will distribute the data through special hardware and software on a page online. The sound quality will be excellent as well as the image. We give you a link in order to share it with anyone you want to watch the ceremony and that’s it! In addition, we can provide you a unique password for limited access to your video data. Only those having the password will be able to watch the ceremony live. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to watch the wedding video up to 30 days after the ceremony. It is important to know that live-streaming works for any location worldwide and for everyone you want to.

We can live stream your wedding from almost any spot all over Greece, as Santorini island, Mykonos, seaside Athens, Crete, Zante island, Rhodes and in any place all over Greece.


Live-streaming your wedding ceremony in Greece  is an innovative idea! If you feel sorry for those who cannot attend your wedding in Greece, give them the opportunity to share with you this special moment. Distance is no longer a problem! “Wedding in Greece” highly recommends its live-streaming services and offers you perfect results. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your wedding ceremony in Greece with the ones you truly love!

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