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Micro Weddings in Greece

Micro wedding vs Huge wedding celebrations As professional Wedding Planners in Greece, we often receive many requests from couples that seek a simple, personalized wedding…

Micro Weddings in Greece

Micro wedding vs Huge wedding celebrations

As professional Wedding Planners in Greece, we often receive many requests from couples that seek a simple, personalized wedding experience on a smaller scale than a normal one. We always advise that a small or Micro Wedding in Greece is the best option, as it is more adaptable to their personal style and extremely flexible when it comes to planning.

Many couples dream of their wedding day as one of the most momentous, idyllic experiences of their lives. They fantasize about a grand event with a long list of guests and extravagant celebrations! As a matter of fact, planning a massive traditional wedding in Greece can sometimes be extremely stressful, and, above all, expensive.

Nowadays, many partners get off the beaten track when choosing to say “I do”, abandoning conventional weddings with a great number of guests and run-of-the-mill procedures and opting for more stylish, intimate, small, and uncomplicated alternatives in order to celebrate their nuptial day.

This is also a piece of advice for weddings that traditionally have large numbers of guests such as Indian weddings. Especially Hindu weddings can reach a huge list of 300 or more guests, so it’s easy to calculate how stressful it will be for the couple to take care of all guests in a country abroad.

Being the new ultimate trend, specially designed for the ones that seek more emotional ties than conventional “rules”, this alternative to a standard Greek wedding is the key to a make their special day the ultimate reflection of their relationship and love.

But what exactly is a Micro Wedding?

Wedding in Greece Athens Riviera

A micro wedding is- as its name states- a “mini” wedding in which the guest list is reduced to only the most essential people for the couple- usually between 50 to 100 guests- that include the immediate family and close friends.

It depends on the logic “less is more”, as the general costs are significantly reduced, giving you better possibilities to invest more in the rest of the wedding elements.

As a result, it gives you the freedom to make your own rules and be more creative, while reducing the stress and pressure of planning a traditional wedding.

The sudden turn towards the micro wedding trend is not only a change in priorities, but also a change in morals, as times evolve, and the wedding tendencies follow them. Civil weddings, elopements, and second weddings favor new kinds of small nuptials, with high priority in “low-key”, intimate ceremonies that honor the love between the couple. It is a matter of quality before quantity. Not surprisingly, most partners actually wish to cut on the extra expenses in order to invest in high quality when it comes to their big day.

What are the advantages of planning a smaller destination wedding?


Micro wedding ceremony in Island art and taste venue

Just think about it: Going for a micro wedding can save your budget to do a bunch of cool things you always wanted that would be impossible to afford if you had to have 200 more guests. Saving the amount of money for the wedding dinner, open bar, services, rentals, transfers, and a large number of invitations for the extra guests can make a bigger dream of yours come true, like celebrating your big day at a romantic Greek island, hiring your favorite live band for your wedding party, or even choosing to hold your wedding reception at a 5* luxury seaside venue with exceptional food and music. This is the ideal setup for a Mykonos wedding.

Reception dinner in Mykonos villa, Greece
Ceremony in Mykonos, Greece

But a micro wedding goes far beyond the economic aspect. It is your big day, and you must enjoy it as you wish. In a massive wedding, you are the center of attention, and you always have the pressure to keep everyone satisfied.

On the other hand, at a small wedding, you will enjoy more intimate moments and peace of mind while saying “I do” with calm and confidence before your guests. Even if you consider yourself an introvert, this type of wedding is the ideal option for you.

Organizing a small beach wedding or a chic botanic-park party with cocktails and slow food can definitely make the difference you always wanted.

Moreover, with only a few guests, you will spend more, essential time with your attendees and you will be able to enjoy each and every one of the people who will be by your side on your special day.

Wedding in Santorini, Greece, Anastasi church

What benefits I will have with a smaller wedding in Greece?

A smaller wedding also allows you to be more creative and flexible. You have the chance to think outside the box and take an active part in the arrangements process, while it is much effortless to book and coordinate services on such a small scale. Controlling the budget is a lot easier, just like solving any last-minute setback.  Is the weather worse than expected?

You can always cancel the few outdoor, next-to-the-sea booked tables and book others in a top-notch rooftop restaurant with a great view of the whole gulf.

Even a high-time decision is always practicable, for example surprising your guests with a Wedding Breakfast, or a party-rock cocktail night the night before the big day. Keep in mind that there are also numerous gastronomic alternatives offered by the wedding venues for your special day, including specialized buffets or sit-down menus (for further ideas on your wedding menu options in Greece, you can check here https://weddingingreece.com/the-top-5-menu-styles-for-your-wedding-in-greece/)

Nevertheless, planning a micro wedding is an extreme time-saver, as it is logically more trouble-free to control and confirm the attendance of fewer guests and hire or readjust any service (food, music, drinks, etc.).

Rescheduling the order of events with your wedding planner is easier, as you have an extremely flexible time plan (do you need tips on your wedding timeline? https://weddingingreece.com/organizing-your-wedding-in-greece-the-timeline/).

Should I Plan A Destination Micro Wedding in Greece?

Wedding in Athenian Riviera, Greece

It is definitely a go-for! Greece lies at the top of the couples’ ideal destinations for exquisite, high-style micro weddings. Whether you are opting for a beach wedding in front of your beloved ones, or you just want a romantic elopement, Greece has numerous hot spots with dreamcatcher backdrops and deep spiritual feelings to offer!

From top-quality venues to cozy, traditional little tavernas in cobbled streets, Greece is the perfect destination for every single style and budget!

Of course, nobody is obliged to follow the latest trends. Massive weddings are definitely not outdated. It is just the traditional wedding format that evolves.

One thing is for sure. There is no right or wrong when choosing to plan your wedding according to your deeper wishes, only what uniquely suits each couple. It is your day, and you choose to experience it as you want. When it comes to organizing the wedding of your dreams in Greece, the only limit is your imagination.

Micro wedding ceremony in Mykonos villa, Greece

After all, a micro wedding is an ultimate solution when it comes to the uncertainty and extremely strict rules that will form the new reality in wedding procedures in Greece or anywhere in the world.

As professional wedding planners with extended experience in all kinds of weddings, we claim the pride to carefully guide you through the latest norms for your destination wedding in Greece and unveil all the secrets of a successful and deeply inspirational micro wedding.

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