Nine reasons why a destination wedding in Greece is an unforgettable experience - Wedding in Greece


Nine reasons why a destination wedding in Greece is an unforgettable experience

In recent years, Greece has emerged as a top destination for weddings abroad, offering to couples from all over the world a unique experience.   …

Nine reasons why a destination wedding in Greece is an unforgettable experience

In recent years, Greece has emerged as a top destination for weddings abroad, offering to couples from all over the world a unique experience. 


Destination weddings in Greece

The great Greek islands, the enchanting coastlines, the traditional architecture and the luxury hotels are some of the reasons why many intending spouses from abroad choose to celebrate their wedding ceremony in Greece. To these should be added the famous Greek hospitality, the excellent gastronomy and the captivating atmosphere created by its rich historical past. Above all a journey to Greece is a journey through 5,000 years of history, where myth meets reality. Today Greece is a European country with a cosmopolitan character, Mediterranean temperament, and proximity to all major European cities. 

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But let's look at some alternative proposals and options offered by holding a destination wedding in Greece. Because a wedding is not only the decoration of the reception but a complete travel experience for you and your guests.

Wedding resorts in Greece

Greece is one of the most prominent touristic countries in Europe. The excellent touristic infrastructure developed over the years classified many Greek hotels among the best in the world. Located in places of unique natural beauty, they stand out for their architecture, decoration and, of course, their facilities, offering guests an all-inclusive experience and accommodation as well as a multitude of activities for all ages. Here you will also have the opportunity to taste local specialities and Mediterranean and international flavours from top chefs, participate in wine-tasting evenings and enjoy creative cocktails.

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Wedding reception in Greece

Greece is famous for its fun and hospitality, guaranteeing an unforgettable wedding party. Whether you choose to have your wedding reception in a hotel venue or a private villa, the location, the space, the decoration, and the services you will receive will be of a high standard. The most desired venues are places with excellent sea views, lovely vineyards, castles and even charming lakes like the lake of Vouliagmeni. Our teams' experience and professionalism guarantee an unforgettable party in the most idyllic locations.

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Greece weather

Greece is a Mediterranean destination with sunny weather most months of the year. As early as April, the bright spring days invite us to get out of the house, walk in parks and squares, to enjoy excursions and the first dips in the sea.

Mountain or sea wedding?

Some might dream of turquoise shores and others of tall, centuries-old plane trees. Others might love to walk on golden sandy beaches, while others to climb the highest peaks. Whichever category you belong to, the natural beauty and diversity of the Greek countryside offer an unforgettable experience.

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The fascinating Greek culture

Every city and every Greek island carries the remains of ancient Greek culture. Therefore it is no exaggeration to say that all of Greece is an open museum. From the acropolis and its unique museum to the famous theatre of Epidaurus, Santorini and the underwater museums of Alonissos, dozens of emblematic monuments offer a journey through history. 

Bachelor party in Greece 

How about a Greek bachelor party? It's sure to be an exciting experience that you won't get anywhere else but in Greek bouzoukis. These entertainment centres with live Greek music are ideal for dancing until the early morning hours. Equally famous, the Greek clubs host iconic sets of famous foreign DJs during the year. Especially during the summer months, dozens of concerts, shows and festivals gather the lights of the world's art scene.

Shopping in Greece

Whether you are looking for designer clothes, vintage, handmade items, jewellery or art, Greece has luxury malls, famous boutiques, great designers and a prominent designer and visual scene for exciting shopping.

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Greek Gastronomy

Food is an integral part of Greek culture. Greek cuisine offers unique recipes that stand out not only for the taste but also for the seasonality of the products. another key point of the culinary culture is the ritual of meze. Translated literally, the word meze (meh-ZEH) means a taste or a bite. It is used to describe small plates of savoury cold or warm snacks served as a complement to drinks.

Wedding and honeymoon in Greece

Your wedding was beautiful, so was the reception. As your guests slowly make their way home, you're preparing for a lovely honeymoon cuddled up on a silver Aegean shore. By getting married in Greece, you combine the ceremony (whether symbolic or official) with your honeymoon. Rather than having to face the extra expense of travelling somewhere else after the wedding.


Organize your destination wedding in Greece 

If you wish to organize your wedding in Greece, you have just landed on the right site. We are happy to help you  throughout the whole journey of your wedding celebration in Greece.