Organizing your wedding in Greece: The timeline - Wedding in Greece


Organizing your wedding in Greece: The timeline

Organizing your wedding in Greece You have decided to get married, live together forever and you wish to share this special day in a special…

Organizing your wedding in Greece: The timeline

Organizing your wedding in Greece

You have decided to get married, live together forever and you wish to share this special day in a special place: There comes Greece, the ultimate wedding destination that combines beauty, charm and excellent wedding professionals. After all the joy and the sweet anxiety though, stress approaches you…When should you start planning the wedding details and what are the best practices for not getting overwhelmed to organize your wedding? Relax, we are here to take away all of your stress!

Santorini Greece wedding venue
Santorini Greece wedding venue

Like every important and big thing is our lives, marriage has to follow some procedures too. Steps that are not all so fun, neither so easy, however, the preparation for your wedding can be a really creative and one-of-a-kind experience. Keep in mind that the key to a successful wedding in Greece is the right preparation for it. Let’s have a look at the timeline of your most significant day!

harpist player santorini wedding
harpist player santorini wedding

12 months before

One of the most important initial steps to organize a wedding is to determine your budget. We fully understand that at first point you just want your marriage to be unique and magical, but determining your budget will be really helpful as it will affect significantly many of your afterward decisions and choices. At this first step of your wedding planning, estimating the number of guests and of course, your wedding location is pretty important… The number of guests should be just an estimate, because in any case, the 20% of them won’t be able to come, due to unexpected or expected commitments. Read here how much a wedding in Greece cost.

Wedding in Peloponnese Greece Costa Navarino venue
Wedding in Peloponnese Greece

9 months before

Find the venue, establish the date, and take care of all the legal stuff. Yes, we know it sounds a bit tense, but don’t worry. That is exactly the point, at which you need an expert to take you to the difficult and aggravating position. Address to a professional wedding planner in Greece, relax and enjoy the sweet anxiety you feel! All the legal procedures and documents needed, all the details, the organizing and the deals with the rest of the vendors will be arranged by your wedding planner. Around 9 months before your wedding in Greece, just drop us a call and we’ll start building together with the puzzle of your life… Send us an email by filling the contact form in our website

6 months before

Around 6 months before the wedding, we believe it’s the time to get a bit more organized and come closer to the final decisions of your ultimate day! In simple words, start looking for a wedding dress, decide on bridesmaid’s dresses, organize the flower decoration, arrange the music, book hotel for the guests and book your honeymoon! And don't forget that one of the most important parts is to hire your wedding photographer in Greece because your pictures have to be perfect. In the case of Santorini wedding though, which destination could be better for your honeymoon, other than the mythical island?  All the practical stuff starts to have a shape at this phase, one step closer to your dream!

Flower bouquet wedding greece
Flower bouquet wedding in greece

3 months before

You are so close to the day of your life and some of the final decisions need to be taken!  First of all, finalizing the guest list and sending the invitations is highly recommended at this stage of the happiest timeline of your life… Furthermore, selecting your makeup and hair stylist and settle the menu are some things that need to be clarified around that period. Have you chosen your wedding cake and everything is ready for the honeymoon? If so, well done for so well-organized you are, this magical journey of wedding preparation is almost done and the biggest journey of your life is about to begin…

Final points

All the legal stuff have been arranged, every little detail has been curated and you cannot wait for the day of your life! At this point, what needs to be done is just checking with all the decisions you’ve made the previous months and be sure that everything is going to be perfect, as you dreamt it… So, a few weeks before your marriage you could call the guests who have not responded to the invitation, have the final fitting and reconfirm everything with our wedding planning team!

santorini gem wedding venue terrace
santorini gem wedding venue

The wedding day is here! Relax and enjoy what you’ve built the last few months…!

Even if you have less time to organize your wedding, we reassure you that we’ll do our best to give you what really deserves you and organize a fantastic wedding…together!