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Photo booth for Weddings in Greece

Have you always wanted, you and your guests to have fun in your wedding? Are you a fan of new trends and are you getting married in Greece? Have you ever thought that a photo booth at your own wedding could make the difference?

Well, we are here to help you and introduce you the new fun loving, wedding trend. The Wedding Photobooth!

Wedding Photobooth services have recently entered Greek wedding industry. Wedding in Greece is one of the first wedding planning teams suggesting photo booth as a new idea in wedding entertainment.

What exactly are we talking about?

“Wedding in Greece” gives you and your loved one the chance to capture photobooth moments with your guests and family. Your wedding planner will equip your reception hall with a modern and fully digital photobooth. An attendant will be also at your services in order to operate the device and help you and your guests or even give you more inspirational ideas. You are completely free to pose and create unique photos full of energy and playfulness. The photobooth comes with a digital backdrop image where you can add any background you wish for. You can also use a steady background image of your choice. In addition, you are able to choose the shape, size and style of your photographs. The printing is instant and by the time the reception ends, you will get a high quality photo album filled with amazing photos and wishes written by your guests.

 guests posing in photobooth greece

Guests posing in photobooth Greece

Wedding photobooth ideas!

 So, you have decided that photobooth is a great idea for your wedding and now you are not sure what your photos should look like. Luckily for you, there is much inspiration out there and thousands backdrop ideas for you. Your photographs can be one of a kind by using different and creative background or diversify in posing and attitude. Both depending on your mood and temperament! Therefore, the more cheerful and excited you feel the more successful photos will be taken. Here are some different and special ideas for your own wedding:

  • Flowers!

Wedding is the right place for many, many flowers. Where else could so many flowers bring a sense of romance and love? Your reception is the proper occasion to use as many flowers as you can! A wall full of flowers of your choice could make a fantastic background for your photos.

  • Accessories!

A fun-loving idea is the use of various, entertaining accessories such as colorful glasses and bright hats! You and your guests are in a great mood and want to have fun taking photos full of vividness and energy! Grab some of the most fascinating accessories that your photobooth attendant will provide you and pose again and again! If you wish, you can of course use yours!

  • Chalk!

A very interesting idea is the use of a chalkboard backdrop. Couple, family and guests are free to write down their best wishes and create a unique and heartwarming background.

 happy guests posing in wedding photobooth

Happy guests posing in wedding photobooth

Photo-booth services for your wedding in Greece
Photo-booth services for your wedding in Greece
  • Theme background.

If you and your loved one have already decided that your wedding decoration and general sense are based on a specific theme, the backdrop image should follow as well. For instance, if your wedding style is vintage you should choose some vintage features for your background.

Some of the backdrop images are very simple to put together and along with your wedding planner in Greece you will have the best results ever! We are willing to hear any further ideas or suggestion in order to fulfill your wishes.

Wedding Photobooth has come to stay! “Wedding in Greece” embraces new, exciting trends and gives you the opportunity to make your wedding unique! No one will ever forget your photobooth album and everyone will have a great time! Do you still have doubts? Try the different! Be different!

Our booths are providing highest quality photo prints.

Our friendly attendant will be present all the time, to operate the photobooth and help your guests, so you will be more than sure that everything will run exactly as you wish!

At the end of the night, you will get a high quality photo album with all the photo strips inside, accompanied with your guests wishes. Also you will get all the photos captured from your special day in a USB stick, in high resolution.

Girls posing photobooth wedding greece
Girls posing photobooth wedding greece
photo booth from wedding in greece company
Photo booth from wedding in Greece company
Photobooth for your wedding in Greece
Photobooth for your wedding in Greece

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