Planning a wedding in Greece in COVID Years

Weddings in Greece in COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Years COVID wedding rules in Greece During the unpredictable times of the coronavirus pandemic, the worldwide wedding industry is…

Planning a wedding in Greece in COVID Years

Weddings in Greece in COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Years

COVID wedding rules in Greece

During the unpredictable times of the coronavirus pandemic, the worldwide wedding industry is currently facing a unique, unprecedented situation. Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live and travel, and it will definitely affect the way we tie our bonds. Destination weddings in Greece and globally are affected too, as they include international traveling and massive gatherings, something that goes far beyond social distancing.

However, Greece boasts to be the safest destination during the coronavirus era. That is why it makes it the ideal country for a COVID-free” destination wedding!

Greece- as one of the most famous countries for destination weddings- is no exception to this global conjuncture. However, it has so far been a rare coronavirus success story, as its casualty toll from Covid-19 is dwarfed by that of most of its European peers. Taking early measures of protection and respecting the health protocols, Greece has totally made the difference in limiting the pandemic.

The country reopens its barriers in the middle of June 2020. Happily, it claims to be one of the safest countries for traveling and planning a destination wedding in Europe. Guaranteeing no obligatory quarantine, Greece promises to give you a completely stress-free wedding experience abroad!


But what will a wedding in Greece be like after the COVID era?

There are many reflections that emerge each and every day about how the rules of the wedding procedures will be redefined. Till now, there are still no official protocols when it comes to weddings in Greece. However, the vendors and wedding venues are gradually adapting to the new reality by taking the necessary measures and creating innovative solutions.

As professional wedding planners in Greece, we thoroughly review all processes and enhance our procedures to ensure the couple’s and guest’s confidence and peace of mind during their big day.

Never waste a good wedding crisis
The new ‘post-COVID’ era is unforeseeable for everyone. But you don’t need to panic about your upcoming wedding day. There are always ways to overcome the difficulties and adapt to the new data. After all, it is commonly known that “Love has no boundaries”. And we are here to ensure you achieve that.

Our experienced team of wedding experts has gathered a piece of advice to help you discover the various possibilities of adjusting the wedding of your dreams in Greece, to the new COVID era in order to protect you & your vulnerable guests.

Stay in touch with your destination wedding planner in Greece

Every country has its own rules. Only a local wedding planner will know all the protocols and legal procedures, as he is responsible for keeping up with the local norms. He is the one that will know instantly how to change and book the more secure dates and places that will host you and your guests for your big day. Not to mention that he has the experience to anticipate upcoming problems and create the best solutions at any time. He wants your wedding to be stress-free and successful as much as you do. 

Set a backup date
Do you still have doubts that your wedding will not take place on the official date? We advise you to kindly ask your wedding planner for a backup one. New times demand new solutions. The current situation requires the flexibility of rescheduling for a later date and lenient booking modification policies, so as to be able to shift your wedding timeline. We now have to think of moving from the “Save the Date” era to the “change the date”.

Choose the best alternative type for your post-COVID 19 era wedding in Greece

Canceling your dream wedding in Greece is not a solution. Readjusting your wedding to the new data is your best deal.

Just think about it: this is an opportunity to regain the intimacy of the original event.

Massive weddings will be a thing of the past. Government and health officials have advised against assembling large groups of guests. These gatherings can expose you to a lot more people with their accompanying germs. The new strict rules may demand a downsize in the number of your guest list. Isn’t this a great chance to organize a micro wedding in Greece only with your nearest and dearest friends?  It can be a huge money saver, and extremely flexible, thus less likely to be affected by any changes to travel restrictions.

Island “Art & Taste” wedding venue

Any alternative options?
A romantic elopement is another great alternative. It will keep your ceremony more personal, tailor-made, and, thus, meaningful for you and your few guests! The global economic recession may significantly reduce your wedding allowance. An elopement will allow you to set your budget without sacrificing the beauty or style that comes along with the wedding day. Not to mention that with the remaining money you can even extend your wedding celebrations for a second day. For example, you can organize an evening sunset cruise along with your beloved guests.

Wedding planners will also offer your guests new, innovative services for your nuptial ceremony. E-wedding, a live streaming service reachable through any computer, tablet, or mobile phone, will be offered to every guest that cannot attend the matrimonial in person.

Anyway, if you still want a massive wedding amid restrictions of the guest list due to the pandemic, we kindly advise that you postpone your wedding date for next year.

“Private House”, wedding in Island art & Taste

Adapt your wedding reception to the new COVID hygienic protocols

Greek wedding venues need to comply with all the protocols and rules of the catering sector. In a Greek locale, there is an obligatory limit of 6 peoples per table (instead of 12). That does not mean that you are obliged to reduce the number of guests.  Wedding venues in Greece are normally spacious. You can find one for any possible number of attendees, and- of course- for exclusive use only. Keep in mind that avoiding a hotel wedding venue will secure private use of the amenities for you and your guests. Thus, it will make your wedding reception safer and more immune.

wedding table Mykonos Greece

As for the food reception, we recommend that you avoid the option of a buffet in order not to have people congregating over a limited space. However, even if you choose the buffet alternative, it is highly advisable to ask the caterers to serve the food directly in the guests’ dishes. In this way, you will avoid sharing the utensils among them. In addition, try not to create unnecessary queues at the buffet spot. Ask the tables to take turns by being served one by one.

Serving the drinks will also be different than usual. Try to replace big, shared bottles with individual ones, or have the drinks served directly in the guest’s glasses.

U shape wedding table Santorini


Be prepared for social dis- dancing
Dancing will not be as carefree as it used to. However, there are solutions even for this really important matter. The guests will probably need to limit their dances or dance in the beat of songs that don’t normally require touching. Alternatively, you can opt for bigger stages: this way you will have more space and freedom of movement.

Otherwise, you can opt for concert-type entertainment that doesn’t require dancing and maintains the distances between the attendees.

Costa Navarino wedding reception

Which is the safest Greek destination for my wedding?

You can consider any Greek spot as an ideal wedding destination in Greece, as every single location in this country has its special beauty and meaning. Greece is one of the safest countries in the world so far. Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Peloponnese…  are some of the numerous places you can opt for tying the knot without fear of the COVID pandemic.

However, if you are extremely concerned about your safety, we recommend the Athenian capital as the ideal location for a safe wedding. A wedding in Athens has everything you may ask for. Most importantly, it is easily accessible through its international airport and you won’t need any further means of transport in order to reach it.

Whether you envision your wedding ceremony on a golden-sand beach or a luxury roof-garden restaurant overlooking the city for your wedding dinner, the options for your destination wedding in Athens are as limitless as your imagination.

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