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Wedding in Athens

Wedding in Athens, a place full of culture and history

If you have been thinking about a destination wedding, why not plan a wedding in Athens, Greece? Athens, Greece is one of the most amazing locations that you can get married at.

Athens is probably the oldest city in the world, the birth place of modern civilization,  rich in history that can still be seen today.

When you walk down the city streets, you can see a wide range of attractions from small boutique stores, to fancy speciality stores, eclectic cafes, fabulous restaurants and many inviting traditional Greek taverns.

Wedding in Athens: The place to be!

If you have decided to get married in Athens, Greece then it is highly recommended that you spend at least a week to two weeks in Athens after your wedding ceremony.

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One of the most famous landmarks that can be seen in Athens is the Acropolis, also known as the “sacred rock”. This historic and invaluable landmark can be seen from most locations within Athens and is one of the most recognizable monuments worldwide. This magical monument can be the background for some of the most amazing wedding photos you will ever have taken. With so many fantastic locations to choose among, it is amazing the people can settle on just one or two.

Wedding in Athens Greece

Wedding in Athens Greece

Other attractions

Aside from the rich history of the area, there are many interesting attractions that you should visit. One of this, is the Old Palace (Parliament Building) which was constructed in 1840. The palace was originally built to house the royal family, but it currently houses the Hellenic parliament.

The Pynxx is a ruin and historic site that is believed to have been Assembly of Athenians’ meeting place. It is located on the west of the Acropolis. It will send a chill up your spine when you realize just how ancient the place really is!


Some of the most amazing museums in the area are the jewellery museum, the historical museum and the contemporary Heraklidon – a fine arts museum. The Panathenaic Stadium, which was originally a natural hollow in the ground and served as a location for athletic completion, is located between two hills – Ardettos and Agra and was believed to have seated over 50,000 people when it first opened in 330 BC. Since that time, this historic stadium has been rebuilt many times, used as an arena and in modern times it was rebuilt for the 1896 Olympic Games.

The beaches of Athens

If you decide to get married in Athens, then consider the beaches of Athens featuring beautiful sand, pristine shores and irresistibly tempting water. There are several nearby beaches to choose from, with easy access for some beautiful wedding shots with an incredible scenery. Vouliagmeni is about 20 km away from Athens, but it is simply outstanding. It’s totally worth the drive. Palea Fokea has a fishing port and a beautiful beach only a breath away from Athens. Varkiza and Agia Marina are also worth mentioning. Whether you are looking for a beach location for a photo shoot or a place to relax and unwind before your big day, there are many and interesting choices.

People in Athens

Upon arrival in Athens, you will notice is that locals are inviting and friendly. You will be treated with the utmost kindness and respect by people who are truly happy, warm and eager to please. Whatever it is that you need to make your stay and your wedding the best experience you have ever had, is at your disposal if you simply ask.

Hotels to stay

There are numerous local area hotels offering traditional Greek hospitality and amenities. There are a wide range of choices from just one star to five stars, with the majority of the hotels being in the five star category. Many of the hotels have their own websites, so you can view available rooms and what is included with your stay. Most of the hotels are conveniently located in the center of Athens, within walking distance from local attractions, beaches, restaurants, taverns and night clubs.

Our services for your wedding in Athens

There are so many wonderful services offered by local Athens businesses that can make a wedding in Athens, Greece one of the most amazing experiences, cherished for a lifetime. What you will need to make this wedding come true is an excellent wedding planning service. All you have to do is contact Wedding In Greece! We promise to guide you through the amazing selection of services and vendors and help you make your dreams a reality.

Once you have decided on a arrival date, we can work together with you to take care of all of the phases of your wedding in Athens, Greece, from your arrival at the hotel, to your daily program.

We can work with you to arrange appointments with all of the service providers you need to make your wedding day memorable and wonderful.

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Sit back and let us take care of all of those details. We will have everything lined up for you before your arrival so you won’t have to worry about it. Planning a wedding in Athens, Greece is exciting and fun, and since we are a local company, we have a great deal of experience in arranging everything you need to make your day not only memorable but also spectacular.

We are ready to help you with your plans, but it’s up to you to make the first step.

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