Resort vs Wedding Venue for Your Wedding in Greece

Resort vs Venue: How to Pick the Perfect Spot for Your Wedding in Greece You’ve done it. You’ve found your one and only. And you…

Resort vs Wedding Venue for Your Wedding in Greece

Resort vs Venue: How to Pick the Perfect Spot for Your Wedding in Greece

You’ve done it. You’ve found your one and only. And you just need to pick… the ideal wedding location; not an easy task! But whether you have a dream spot in mind or are at the start of your search for your Wedding in Greece, here are all the tips you need to know before you choose your perfect knot-tying place. Let’s check below, Resort vs venue, what is the most suitable option?

Costa Navarino wedding dinner

Planning a Resort/Hotel wedding in Greece 

Where to?
You won’t have to think about transportation to and from the ceremony/reception area and neither will your guests. And it’s just easier to have your wedding in a location where your guests can stay.

*extra tip: If you decide to not get married in a resort, make sure to ask your wedding planner in Greece to check the local area for accommodation options.

Costa Navarino wedding Greece
Costa Navarino wedding reception

Fall in Love, not in… rainfall!
It’s always wise to pick a place that works in all weather. If you want an outdoor ceremony or party and you’ve chosen a resort, you can be sure that in case of a sudden downpour there’s an equally appealing Plan B waiting inside!

*insider advice: A resort is a great option if you’re considering a winter wedding in Greece.

Multi-purpose, Multi-duty
Another factor of convenience is that resorts have multiple venues where you can host additional events; a dreamy poolside pre-wedding party, a bachelorette gathering, a bridal shower… all at the same location! And did we mention the private nooks and crannies you and your beloved can escape to for a few moments during the celebration?

Wedding Décor Details
Stunning architecture means you don’t need to go overboard with decorations. Most of the work is already done so you can focus on the things that really matter. And did we mention that since less decoration will be needed hosting your wedding at a resort is a slightly more budget-friendly option?

Tell me More…
Because they are as many destinations as wedding venues, resorts often offer exciting extras. On-site spa services, couples’ massages to help you de-stress, and many more are waiting for you… Check with our wedding planning team to see what’s included and what can be added. 

Planning in an exclusive Wedding Venue

Your Dreams, Your Way
It’s generally easier to create a tailor-made ceremony and reception. An exclusive wedding venue allows your wedding planner in Greece to start with a blank canvas and really customize the entire experience!

Do you want more good news? The process will be totally stress-free as our expert wedding planning team in Greece will plan and coordinate every single moment of your special day. And we want you to know that no request is too big or small; extraordinary weddings begin with great ideas and tiny details!

Privacy & Exclusivity in wedding venues

There’s one major drawback to getting married in a resort: other guests. You will have to ‘share’ the place and you can’t create a ‘just for us’ atmosphere which can make the occasion that little bit more special. In the case of a wedding venue, you are the only group of guests, and that’s why you’ll enjoy the intimacy of a private event!

Keep in mind that your wedding photographer will also appreciate this pricavy, as it will be easier for them as well

Santorini Wedding ceremony in exclusive venue

The Wow Factor
Many wedding venues in Greece are unusual places with true character. Beaches and vineyards offer a stunning natural backdrop.


Guests, More Guests!
Every place has a maximum occupancy limit, so a wedding venue is a perfect choice if you’re planning a wedding with 350-400 guests! In that case, a resort might be a little too small unless you don’t mind guests cramming into the venue like packed sardines! Not only do you need to ensure there is enough space to comfortably seat all your guests, but you need to consider space for a dance floor, and a band or DJ.

Bear in mind that our expert wedding planning team in Greece has also planned weddings with 50-60 guests in such venues.

*Tip: Keep in mind that a Santorini wedding is possible for a guest list up to 120 guests

Wedding Menus & Flexibility

Indian, Kosher, Halal… and whatever else wedding menu you prefer; a private wedding venue always offers more flexibility. Many resorts just require you to select their in-house catering, so if you want alternative menu options, just go the wedding venue way!


Let the Party Begin, an unforgettable wedding reception

Resort vs venue, but regardless the answer, you require a stunning Reception party.

Most resorts have strict noise and music restrictions. If music and dancing are important parts of your special day, choosing a wedding venue means avoiding a flat and boring wedding reception. Keep in mind that a fun party can last until 4 or 5 a.m.!

LeCiel wedding venue, Santorini island
Seaside wedding venue for weddings in Greece

Excluding, of course, your choice of spouse, the place you decide to get married at is one of the first and most important decisions to make when you’re planning your perfect wedding in Greece. Trust us; there is a picture-perfect venue for all! Just tell us what you’re dreaming of…

It’s part of our job as wedding planners in Greece to know, discover, and recommend the coolest places to tie the knot. So, if you’re looking to host a memorable destination wedding, just contact us! We can really assist you in the very critical question “Resort vs venue, what is the most suitable option for my wedding in Greece?“.

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