Santorini, the perfect photo session locations - Wedding in Greece


Santorini, the perfect photo session locations

Santorini, the perfect wedding photo locations

Santorini, the perfect photo session locations

If there is a wedding destination in Greece that surpasses any other location, that is definitely the island of Santorini. It is not only the best place for the wedding ceremony you have been dreaming of but also the ideal landscape for a memorable wedding photo session. Actually, this place is one of the most photogenic islands on the planet. Plus, as Santorini loves weddings and offers flexibility when it comes to the destination and wedding type, it is legal to have your ceremony literally anywhere. That means that a professional Santorini wedding photographer can exploit the natural beauty, the alluring scenery and the volcanic atmosphere of the island to the fullest.

Oia – let the wedding magic begin in Santorini:

If you’ve ever seen a postcard or Pinterest image of the island of Santorini, this is the place where it was probably taken. Yes, Oia (pronounced ee-ah) is that picturesque village with the blue-domed churches, cobbled streets and stunning sea views which impress every visitor who first lays eyes on it. The deep blue Aegean Sea perfectly complements the signature blue domes of the many churches scattered around the area and the golden colors of the Greek sunlight; here you have all the makings of a great wedding photography experience.

Oia Santorini wedding photo

If you are planning a summertime wedding, keep in mind that as Oia is usually crowded with omnipresent noisy tourists watching the sunset and shouting “Selfie time!” in almost any language you can think of, we can wander along the beautiful footpath from Oia to Fira and catch the sunset from amazing viewpoints without having to deal with the crowds. Well, as the saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat!

Fira, the modern capital of Santorini, and Imerovigli, a charming village which lies to the north of Fira, can also offer beautiful, quiet and secluded places with great sea views for catchy and candid pictures that capture the essence of your special day.

Lebanese wedding Santorini Anastasi church

Black beauty: There is a lot more to this island than views of the caldera and whitewashed houses draped with fuchsia bougainvillea. For those who prefer something extraordinary, the pitch-black volcanic sand in Santorini can turn a usual beach-themed wedding into a magical experience. Perivolos and Perissa beaches are the trendiest black-sandy beaches on the island; many unconventional ceremonies are held here, offering a Santorini wedding photographer the chance to get dramatic wedding photographs.

Black beach wedding photo santorini

The unique setting of Faros, Akrotiri, Santorini:

The Faros lighthouse in the most southern part of the island offers an astonishing view of the golden Greek sun dipping into the azure Mediterranean waters. This French lighthouse from the 1800s is also the ideal option for postcard-worthy results and an excellent option for those who want to escape the crowds.

cavo ventus wedding santorini greece

Next, to this amazing setting, the famous Red Beach can become the absolute backdrop of impressive photos as its red rock formations and sand form a breathtaking volcanic landscape with a marvelous palette of lavish and contrasting colors that mesmerize all newly-weds and Santorini wedding photographers.

Love is in the… sea: As here it is legal to have your wedding ceremony anywhere, many couples choose to get married on a sailing boat or even a yacht. But even if you won’t opt for a “nautical ceremony”, we can still arrange a wedding photo shoot on board. When it comes to wedding photography in Santorini, we’ll certainly be spoilt for choice with the sensational view that a sailing tour can offer. After all, as they say, you are going to need something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue; in this way, you’ll have something truly blue, not only on your special day but also in your wedding photos. And yes, you are free to get photographed in the famous Titanic poses! This “nautical wedding photo shoot” is also ideal if you do not have time for a photo session on your big day; there is always time the day after the wedding or we could even arrange a pre-wedding session.

private cruise santorini greece photo

So, let’s spice up your wedding shots; you will certainly go back home with the most beloved souvenir of all – a stunning wedding album. Your photo session from the wedding in Santorini will include every important moment from the preparation of you and your spouse-to-be, to the ceremony and the reception.

Santorini anastasi wedding photo Greece

Eleni Dona wedding photographer told us: "As a professional wedding photographer in Santorini, I will suggest the right places for a perfect wedding photo shoot according to the season, the time and the natural light, and will capture the happiest moments of your special day – while, at the same time, you will have the opportunity to admire not only your loved one but also the island which is said to hide the secrets of Atlantis…"

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