Santorini wedding photos, Jason & Tina - Wedding in Greece


Santorini wedding photos, Jason & Tina

Superior wedding in St. Irini chapel, in Santorini island. Wedding design & planning by Wedding in Greece company

Santorini wedding photos, Jason & Tina

Destination Wedding in Santorini

Santorini is one of the top wedding destinations worldwide. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and unique islands of Mediterranean Sea. The reputation of Santorini travels all around the world! Jason and Tina, a lovely couple from Hong-Kong, have always considered Santorini as an extraordinary, wedding destination. The thought of a destination wedding in Santorini were in their minds for a long time and they finally decided to contact “Wedding in Greece” and make their dream come true.

Bride prepare for her Santorini wedding
Bride prepare in Santorini island
  • The ceremony:

Jason and Tina performed their Symbolic Wedding ceremony in Santorini Island. A symbolic wedding ceremony has a deep meaning as the couple confesses their love and seals their decision of being together. Without any legal requirements, the symbolic ceremony, allowed Jason and Tina to express their love and respect to each other. No forms to follow, no rules to keep up to! This beautiful couple had the wedding of their dreams exactly as they have imagined!

  • Reaching Greece:

As Jason and Tina reached Greece, they decided to stay in Athens for a couple of days. They had a wonderful time exploring the capital of Greece, the historical city of Athens, and enjoyed their staying there. After this interesting stop, they continued their wedding journey to Santorini. They stayed in Santorini Island for five days. They enjoyed every minute on this amazing and unique island.

wedding in st. irini venue santorini
Happy couple in St. Irini chapel
  • Santa Irini wedding venue:
wedding in santorini island
Caldera view and wedding cake cut

Jason and Tina decided to have a Symbolic Wedding in Santorini. The ceremony took place in Santa Irini Venue, an amazing venue available for destination weddings. The ceremony was held on the terrace right next to Santa Irini chapel. This incredible venue has an overlooking view to the Caldera cliffs and the Aegean Sea. Santa Irini is located in a very picturesque area, embellished with small, white and blue houses. This dreamy background was the perfect scenery for their Symbolic Wedding in Santorini.  

wedding in santorini

wedding in santorini
Traditional music players is Santorini island
wedding in st. irini chapel santorini island
Bride and Groom in St. Irini chapel

  • Wedding Cake and Decoration:
wedding in Santorini Greece
wedding in Santorini caldera venue

After the ceremony, Jason and Tina cut a romantic wedding cake. They fed each other the first bite and they enjoyed their special moment by the incredible view. “Wedding in Greece” had taken care of the decoration and the cake. Every little detail was arranged by our team wedding planner in Santorini!  

santorini greece wedding
St. Irini venue in Santorini

wedding in santorini

Santorini destination wedding
Santorini caldera wedding photo shooting
  • Wedding Photo Shooting.

“Wedding in Greece” planning team, organized a special and personalized photo shooting for Jason and Tina. After their wedding in private wedding venue, they followed the wedding photographer in the most beautiful spots of Santorini island. The photo session lasted four hours and the couple had the opportunity to visit and capture incredible photos in some of the most extraordinary places in Mediterranean. The unique Black Beach with the volcanic rocks, the picturesque village Pyrgos, the small town of Oia and Fira with the fantastic view were just some of the stops of the photo shooting process. The magical background created unique and unforgettable wedding photos! Jason and Tina will always remember their special moments in Santorini. Jason and Tina took the chance to live their dream in Santorini. “Wedding in Greece” were by their side and helped them experience the time of their life! Their destination wedding in Santorini was a true miracle. And they lived happily ever after…

Wedding planner: Wedding in Greece

Wedding photography: Eleni Dona