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Santorini Wedding

Santorini wedding: an unforgettable wedding ceremony


There is no doubt that Greece is one of the most beautiful wedding destinations in the entire world. Nevertheless, there is an extraordinary destination in Greece that surpasses all the rest. And this place is Santorini Island.

A wedding that will be unforgettable and that will capture your hearts and souls will definitely be a Santorini wedding! “Wedding in Greece” planning team assures you that Santorini is the best place for the wedding ceremony you have been dreaming of.

Here are all you need to know for getting married in Santorini Island, Greece.

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Why is Santorini Wedding the best option?

People all over the world, with different taste, religion, and beliefs, choose Santorini for their wedding. And of course, it is not a coincidence. Santorini loves weddings and offers flexibility when it comes to the ceremony destination and type. Weddings of all types (Orthodox, Catholic, Hindu, same-sex, vows renewals) can be performed in Santorini. In addition, it is legal to have your wedding ceremony literally anywhere. Wedding ceremonies have been performed at the beach, in a cave, on a cruise ship, in picturesque wineries, even in a balcony. Anywhere around the island, the view will be breathtaking and the scenery will be alluring. Santorini is a true heaven on earth. The natural beauty, the volcanic scenery, the crystal clear waters are some of the factors that make Santorini the ideal wedding destination.

In Santorini, it is legal to have your wedding at the beach, in a cave, or literally anywhere on the island, provided that the mayor agrees upon it.

Of course, your personal taste and your religious preference still need to be taken into consideration. But, the fact that you are free to choose your location gives you a chance to make your destination wedding on the island unique and special. Moreover, Santorini offers a wide selection of beautiful islands where you and your partner can solemnly exchange your vows


What is the best season for your Santorini wedding?

According to wedding planners, the best season to get married in Santorini is early fall. The weather is not too hot and the island is not too crowded.
However, all the dates between May and October are great for a wedding in Santorini. All the cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars, reception halls are open and ready to offer you outstanding services. It is the best period if you want to combine your wedding with amazing vacation.

Ideal wedding locations for getting married in Santorini, Greece

Santorini is an island of exceptional beauty. Once you choose to get married there, we assure you that you will have the best wedding scenery. There are numerous places of extreme beauty all over the island. The most popular place in Santorini is the Caldera. Caldera is the ideal background for fantastic photos. The panoramic view of Santorini and the Aegean Sea, the volcanic cliffs and the dramatic view of the astonishing sunset will capture your soul. There are many chapels and halls of Cycladic architecture that can host a dreamy wedding. The Agia Eirini, known as Saint Irene’s chapel is an extremely romantic location for your wedding ceremony.

‘Whichever destination you pick for your Santorini wedding, you  will have a memorable experience to share with your friends and families when you return home.’

You can also try a conventional Greek wedding at one of Caldera’s traditional wineries. In fact, you can take pleasure in the traditional wedding practices of Santorini by having your wedding ceremony on the beach or on an 18th-century sailing yacht.

Alternatively, you can have a unique and fun wedding entrance by arriving at the ceremony on a donkey, Greece’s popular domestic animal.

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Pre-Wedding preparations for your wedding in Santorini

Preferably, you should start your wedding preparations at least 6 months before your wedding date. This is the recommended period for all the legal arrangements. You should take into consideration all the requirements needed for a destination wedding. You should ensure that all the documentation will be issued on time in order to avoid any inconveniences. Your wedding planner in Greece will inform you for the legal procedure.

Be sure that you have discussed all the details about Santorini with your wedding planner. You should now all the details considering the weather, the places, the ceremony as well as the proper clothing as for example you cannot wear high heals in a beach wedding ceremony.

There is no need to get stressed. All you have to do is enjoy the preparation period as well as the ceremony and your time in Santorini, this unforgettable wedding destination. The fact that you decided to have a wedding abroad means that you want things to be private and simple, rather than extravagant and nerve-racking. So, there is no point in all this cramming and stressing. After all, you are having a one-of-a-kind Santorini wedding!

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