Eveything about symbolic weddings in Greece

Everything about Symbolic weddings in Greece

More and more couples choose the symbolic wedding in Greece to tie the knot. It is the best option for those who do not wish to wait a long time for the documentation to be issued. It is also the most romantic way for the couple to say ‘I love you’.

Its character is neither religious nor legal. It is performed exactly like the civil wedding but it is not legally recognized. Legal documents are not necessary, there is no wedding permit issued and most importantly, it gives the couple a sense of absolute independence, since it can be held everywhere.

‘Wedding in Greece’ is going to cover the ceremony and together we will organize all the details. We will:

  • Book the venue
  • Arrange for the officiant
  • The decoration
  • The wedding photographer
  • The make-up artist
  • The hairdresser
  • The music if necessary and everything else you need to make your wedding day as you have dreamed it.

You can choose a hotel’s rooftop or a more extreme location, such as a beautiful beach, a yacht, a private chapel, a winery, a private villa or any other place you wish. There are no limits; all you need is longing and love for each other.

Just choose the place and leave the rest to us!

You can even exchange your own vows, be wedded by a family member or a dear friend and avoid the same old formalities of a civil wedding. Symbolic wedding is a synonym for pure freedom.

It’s your day, so you can do what you wish and whatever makes you happy. What we can do for you is customize the wedding ceremony to make it reflect each couple’s personality and love. Symbolic wedding is the perfect way to prove your love and unite your hearts in Greece.