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Vows Renewal in Greece

 Some reasons to renew your vows are:

  • The 10th, 25th or 50th (golden) year anniversary.
  • You visit again the place you met or got legally married
  • Your wedding was too common and you want to do something different
  • You want to exchange vows for life at a beautiful, idyllic location
  • Your wedding took place in winter and now you want to do it under better weather conditions
  • When you got married you couldn’t afford a reception and now you can.

Its character is purely symbolic, concerning those who are already married and want to renew their promise. The case in vow renewal is that you don’t need any documents issued, like in symbolic wedding. If you decide to do it, you have various options. Just choose the place and let us do the rest.

Athens Acropolis

Vow renewal could be combined with a trip to a beautiful place in Greece like Athens or a place with astonishing views like Santorini. Vow renewal can be completely personal; you can choose what to say, have your vows written and prepared in advance or let us do it for you.

It can be performed by the mayor or someone acting on his behalf. Concerning the venue there are no boundaries, it depends on your taste. Private villas, yachts, hotels or beaches can become the background of your vow renewal photos.

Moreover, you can have music playing during the ceremony or arrange for live music and have a local musician to make it even more romantic.

Vow renewal is not a formality and does not require anything. All we need is you two, your love and a panoramic place. Only the couple is enough but if you prefer, you can make it glamorous, with many guests and a luxurious reception.

At Wedding in Greece we will do everything to turn your vow renewal into a unique, memorable experience.

You choose the location and together we can make the ceremony as touching, as impressive and as luxurious you desire.

Contact us now to plan together your vow renewal in Greece!