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Wedding in Athens, Greece, Natasha & Bob

Natasha & Bob Wedding in Athens, Greece

Ten days prior to New Year’s Eve, we received an email concerning a request for a civil wedding ceremony in Athens. It was sent by a couple’s friend who wanted to know about availability and prices. He told us that Bob and Natasha is a couple from United States living and working at Qatar.

They had never visited Greece before, so their wish was to combine their vacation along with their wedding at a unique and magical place like Athens. After several emails and conversations through Skype, we came up with a plan about the wedding day and we assign a dedicated wedding planner for them. The couple wanted to have a civil wedding ceremony at a seaside venue. It was the 1st of January 2014, just before sunset and there were 4 guests in total. The pre-wedding meeting took place at the hotel they stayed in the center of Athens, two days before the wedding.

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During our meeting, we discussed all the details for the wedding: their transfer from the hotel to the wedding venue, make-up, hair styling, the wedding decoration and the bridal bouquet, the cake and the champagne, as well as the photo shooting location after the ceremony. The wedding day began with the makeup artist and the hair stylist, who offered their services to Natasha at the hotel room. This phase lasted 3 hours. Later on, the whole group got on the mini bus and headed to the ceremony venue in seaside Athens.

As you are going to see in the pictures, the weather was rainy. Nevertheless, Bob and Natasha were not discouraged at all and decided to have their wedding at the venue’s outdoor area. The result was certainly worth it. The ceremony was performed by a couple’s close friend, Thomas, who was also the person that had contacted us. Right after the ceremony, we continued indoors where the couple had their first dance, champagne toast and cake cutting. The guests enjoyed their champagne and cake while the couple was being photographed by their wedding photographer.

All in all, in spite of the low temperature –around 10 Celsius degrees- , the rain and the winter date, the weather could have been much worse. We may have not been able to perform the wedding ceremony outdoors. So, I believe we stood lucky…

Generally speaking, I think Athens becomes more and more popular as a civil wedding ceremony destination for couples from abroad. It conquers every heart… It is a destination that offers various activities and many unforgettable memories to the couple and their guests. Wedding photography by Eleni Dona her Facebook page, click here

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