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Wedding in Greece cost

How much does a wedding in Greece cost?

It is a fact that organizing a destination wedding in Greece, requires time and money! Every country has different prices in wedding industry depending on various reasons. One of these reasons is your personal wedding vision, your desires and needs. The price of your destination wedding is for sure a very crucial factor to take into account. Our wedding planning company, “Wedding in Greece”, gladly presents you the exact prices of every service provided to you.

“Wedding in Greece” team works with professionalism and experience. We respect our clients at most and we believe you should be highly informed about any financial detail. You will find anything needed hereby.

So, how much a Wedding in Greece, cost? Let’s find it out:

  • Wedding planning & wedding design.

“Wedding in Greece” cooperates with the best wedding experts in Greece. Our highly experienced and skilled wedding planning team, will take the responsibility of the complete wedding planning and design. Every detail will be organized according to your needs. Your wedding planner will work for you personally, trying to fulfill your wedding vision. The wedding planning process includes the Overall concept development, Budget formulation, Vendor coordination, Timeline and itinerary of events, Set up and on the day event management and also if asked the journey to and from Greece, the accommodation and the time schedule. Wedding planning and wedding design may vary from 1200 Euros to 3000 Euros, depending from how big the wedding is, number of wedding planners needed, number of guests, days of wedding, requested events, destination, etc. Check all the services provided by our wedding planning team

  • Wedding photographer.

Wedding photography is an essential part of your wedding in Greece.Your wedding photographer in Greece should bring out all the beauty of the amazing locations in Greece. Our wedding photography expert will organize the best photo shooting and capture the most precious moments. The cost depends on the location chosen for the photo session, the duration and the album, if needed. This means that the exact price may vary from 800 Euros to 2500 Euros.

wedding photography greece

wedding photography Greece

  • Wedding videographer.

Your wedding video is another crucial part of the ceremony. “Wedding in Greece” videographer is responsible for the total wedding coverage. Your wedding ceremony will be filmed in order to remind you the great moments you experienced in Greece. The cost differs from expert to expert. “Wedding in Greece” provides you the opportunity to live-stream your wedding. The cost for a wedding video varies from 600 to 2000 Euros and depends from requested hours of videography, number of cameras needed, destination and extras, as drones, camera cranes, Steadicam, etc.

The cost for the live-streaming services in Greece, varies from 800 to 1500 Euros, depending from requested hours of transmitting and if couple likes to have High Definition quality or not.

  • Flower decoration.

“Wedding in Greece” takes care of your wedding decoration as well. The flower decoration for your wedding will be chosen in cooperation with both bride and groom. Beautiful flowers will embellish your wedding venue in Greece. Flower decoration service cost may vary from 300 Euros to 2000 Euros. The price depends on the quality and quantity of the flowers.

Flower decoration wedding in Greece

Flower decoration wedding in Greece

  • Ceremony venue.

Greece provides you many and extraordinary wedding venues choices. You along with your wedding planner will choose your dreamy wedding venue. The ceremony venue depends on the type of your wedding (orthodox, catholic, symbolic, civil, etc). The cost is different for every occasion. The cost varies from 300 Euros to 1800 Euros, depending from destination and number of guests. Check here the options for a wedding in Santorini


  • Reception venue.

Our experienced wedding planning team will organize your wedding reception. The reception venue should be carefully chosen in order to be convenient. Your guests and family will enjoy a beautiful reception in a lovely venue. According to your needs and desires, we have many reception venues to suggest. You and your loved one can choose from a simple Greek tavern to a luxurious and glamorous wedding venues. Taking that into consideration the cost may vary from 1500 to 3000 Euros, depending from destination as Santorini island, Mykonos, Athenian Riviera(Seaside Athens), Crete and number of guests.

  • DJ music service:

“Wedding in Greece”, by cooperated with the best and most experienced DJ’s in Greece, will provide you DJ services for your wedding ceremony and reception. If you want your favorite music to enhance your wedding atmosphere, then you don’t have to think about it anymore. A professional DJ will fulfill your dream. The cost depends on the duration of the service, requested sound & lighting equipment and differs from one DJ to another. The total price varies from 500 to 3000 Euros.

  • Beauty services.

“Wedding in Greece” pays extra attention to the beautiful bride. Every woman deserves to bring out her beauty on such a special day. Our beauty services include make up, hair-styling and nails. Make up artists, hair stylists and experts in styling and beauty will take care of the bridal look. The bride will enjoy all the care and attention and she will look stunning. The prices differ from expert to expert. The beauty service for each beauty vendor varies from 200 to 500 Euros.

  • Fireworks.

Your wedding can be a spectacular happening that will dazzle your family and friends. And how is that possible? Fireworks of course! Our wedding planning team in partnership with experts is ready to make your wedding special and sparkling. The cost varies from 500 to 2000 Euros depending from destination and fireworks show duration.

Wedding fireworks in greece

Wedding fireworks in Greece

  • Catering services.

“Wedding in Greece” also provides you catering services for your wedding. The couple and the guests will enjoy tasty delicacies. You will choose among different menus and dishes. The cost differs for a sit down or a buffet based menu. The prices depend on the type of the menu (meat, fish, veggie, self-service, etc). The cost per person varies from 40 to 120 Euros.

  • Open bar.

You and your guest will have a great time enjoying cool drinks and cocktails. A bartender will be responsible for the service. You will also have the opportunity to create your own wedding cocktail. The cost depends on the duration of the service, the quantity and type of the drinks. The prices vary from 20 to 90 Euros.

  • Transportation service.

You don’t have to worry about you and your guests transportation as long as you arrive in Greece. We take care of that too! The transportation from hotels and to your wedding and reception venue will be provided by our team. You have the opportunity to choose transportation services for other venues as well. The cost depends on the distances and the type of the vehicle provided. The price varies from 150 to 600 Euros for bride & groom transportation and from 15 to 30 Euros/guest for guests transportation, depending from distance and requested hours

  • Document legalization.

A destination wedding requires a legal validation procedure. You will avoid all the bureaucracy as we take care of the wedding document legalization in Greece. There are different legal requirements for every wedding type. The procedure may vary from couple to couple as it depends on their country of origin, religion or other personal legal issues. The cost of the legalization varies from 200 to 500 Euros.

“Wedding in Greece” just answered the most desirable question. How much does your wedding in Greece cost?

Keep in mind that all the prices are indicative. The cost can be accurate only after the complete wedding planning and organizing process.

For any question or request, don’t hesitate to contact our wedding planning team!

You are welcome to ask anything you want and we are willing to solve any problem you have. We want your wedding in Greece to be an unforgettable experience.