Wedding in Greece - You, him and the endless blue - Wedding in Greece


Wedding in Greece - You, him and the endless blue

The idea came to him when he opened the small velvet jewellery box and put the ring in her hand. Α marriage proposal and a…

Wedding in Greece - You, him and the endless blue

The idea came to him when he opened the small velvet jewellery box and put the ring in her hand. Α marriage proposal and a destination wedding in Greece, where they first met on a distant summer night. What a surprise! 

She said, "I do", overwhelmed in tears of happiness. They were holding firm in a long tight hug, lapsed in each other arms. "How wonderful is he?" she thought, and all the memories of their first summer as a couple popped into her mind. All the places they visited in Athens, the beauty of the Greek Islands, nature's splendour, and hospitality. 

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Soon enough, the reflecting memories were replaced by the challenging anticipation for the essential preparations. She started prioritizing everything she had to arrange for everything to be set up the way she envisioned the unique moment of their wedding.

She, him and in the background the endless blue. The first she did was to come up with the number of guests. A close circle of a few relatives and several good friends were the ideal recipe. Then the place. It should definitely be somewhere with an operating airport and within a short flight distance from the UK. Athens, Mykonos and Santorini could be excellent choices regarding that. And then? Where would they accommodate?

As things were getting too complicated, she realized it would be better to contact a wedding planner in Greece. She wanted someone operating in the country. A Greek wedding planner with an established network of collaborators with deep knowledge of the Greek market and customs, ensuring they would enjoy every minute of their wedding celebration. 

Wedding Planning in Greece

After contacting various wedding planners in Greece, she has chosen to trust her wedding at Wedding in Greece. She evaluated the reviews of other couples having their wedding with them, saw pictures of the beautiful destination weddings they had arranged so far, and asked for a quote.  

Surprisingly, a wedding abroad was not much more expensive than a wedding in the UK, and the arrangements that the wedding planner proposed were perfect for their budget. 

The wedding planner gave them all the possible options to consider. They suggested several wedding venues, events, and excursions that the couple could organize for their guests. The beautiful island of Santorini and the extravagant Mykonos was two of their desirable choices. Still, the accurate reasoning of the wedding planner about the advantages of the Athenian Riviera gave them a new, bright-shine perspective. 

A boutique wedding in Athenian Riviera 

The cosmopolitan city of Athens was the ideal place for their destination wedding, with excellent venues and facilities, a mythical atmosphere and unique hotel complexes in front of the sea. Athens combined incredible comforts, venues and numerous flight itineraries, which were an ideal solution. Considering that some of their friends and relatives would be travelling from Italy and Brussels to attend the wedding. 

The wedding was planned for a Sunday morning in a picturesque little church on the beachfront just a few kilometres from the hotel. 

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Wedding abroad 


On arrival, four days before the wedding, the couple gave a big welcome pool party, with a Greek twist, as the Dj introduced them to the local culture with a small selection of folk music. The couple welcomed  their guests with a cocktail.  Also a buffet table was set up a few meters away from the pool, under the olive trees of the hotel courtyard. 

The rest of the days before the wedding were dedicated to sightseeing, cultural explorations, dining and drinking in picturesque bars in the narrow streets of Plaka. In the shadow of the Acropolis, the Plaka district gives the feeling of a village. Small shops selling jewellery, clothing and local ceramics line the narrow cobbled streets. Outdoor cafes and family taverns stay open late. Nearby, the whitewashed houses in the Anafiotika district create a Greek island atmosphere.

One day before the wedding, they had the time to relax by the sea in the comfortable sunbeds of a splendid beach bar. An assortment of fruit and cool drinks was offered to the guests. After the cold dives, everyone gathered around a long festive table to taste unique fish plates and exquisite wines from the Greek vineyard.  

A beautiful Wedding in Greece

On Sunday morning, everything was impeccable. The weather was balmy, adding to the day's enjoyment, and the sunlight was glittering on the sea. The decoration in the chapel was simple, with a beautiful composition of white flowers. Happiness and love in the couple's eyes were the dominant elements. After the ceremony, they welcomed their guests to a beautiful Athenian Riviera wedding venue. The DJ chose a series of Greek songs before moving on to international hits that rocked everyone and set the stage for an unforgettable party. 

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On the next day, while almost everyone from the group dedicated themselves to shopping, the newlyweds met with a professional photographer. The photo shooting was set in Cape Sounion, having as a backdrop the magnificent Temple of Poseidon.

On the day of the departure, everyone held a sweet smile. While the beautiful couple was making their first steps in life as Mrs. and Mr. 

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