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Civil Wedding

Civil Weddings in Greece

Greece is the dreamlike destination to have your wedding. Civil weddings are being performed legally for the last 30 years. Back then, whoever wanted to get married could only have a religious wedding. Not many years ago, only a few people would choose the civil wedding. Nowadays, more and more couples choose this way to get married instead of the religious wedding. Either civil or religious, the wedding sacrament is one.

Either signed by a mayor or blessed by a priest, the result is two people uniting their lives, in the name of the wedding.

If you opt for a civil wedding, you should know that in the past, civil weddings in Greece could only be performed at a town hall or other state building. Today, besides the town hall, we can organize your wedding at places beyond your wildest imagination, ideal to have your photos taken! A wedding on a beach, a hotel, a hill with breathtaking views or even a sailing yacht can become real. If you have any special requests about the place where you want to have your wedding, do not hesitate to contact us. We can make your dream come true!

Even if the wedding cannot be held at this particular location, we can have it at the town hall and further on have a symbolic wedding wherever you wish. Civil weddings are performed by the mayor in office or by someone authorized by the mayor. The ceremony lasts 15 minutes. The mayor proclaims you husband and wife and delivers to you the wedding certificate.

If you want to have a civil wedding, some official documents are necessary to issue the civil wedding permit. For more information about the documentation demanded, click here. Bear in mind that you should send copies of the original documents to our offices.

These copies are going to be checked by the town hall. You shall hand us in the original documents upon arrival in Greece. According to Greek law, the original documents are deposited and kept at the town hall where you had your wedding. They are not given back to you, so it’s good to have copies in case you need them.

Civil wedding gains more and more ground in Greece, mostly for the couples coming from abroad. Its great advantage is that it can be performed in various places while the Orthodox can only be performed in a church. If you prefer a civil wedding, contact us now.