A Chic Wedding in Mykonos, Margrit & John - Wedding in Greece
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A Chic Wedding in Mykonos, Margrit & John

Margrit & John, an elegant wedding in Mykonos island

Are you looking for a symbolic wedding in Mykonos, Greece that’s all about you and uniquely tells your love story? If the answer is ‘Yes’, begin your wedding adventure with your wedding planner in Mykonos. If you are curious, but still not sure, read on!


Wedding dinner in Mykonos villa, Greece. Wedding planning by "Wedding in Greece".

Wedding in Mykonos island, Greece

You’ve probably heard it: When it comes to symbolic weddings in Greece, there is a universally accepted truth: the ‘island version’ is worth it! You can personalize your special event as much as you wish; with a tailor-made symbolic ceremony, there are no rules to follow! Just dare to imagine a destination wedding with cosmopolitan vibes in an exclusive, ethereal Aegean look…

Mykonos villa, Greece

A Mykonian Wedding

Wedding perfection means months of planning, nailing the ideal wedding venue! John and Margrit traveled from their home in Australia to one of the world’s dreamiest wedding destinations, Mykonos in Greece, to exchange vows of eternal love.

Bride and Groom, Mykonos, Greece

Margrit and John, Wedding in Mykonos island, Greece

Well, while new, exciting wedding trends emerge every season, there is something about sun-soaked Aegean destinations that never goes out of style. If you are looking for a stylish and elegant setting with a laid-back feel at the same time, Mykonos’ allure is irresistible!


An Ode to Romance

Flower bouquet in mykonos island, Greece

A flower bouquet in Mykonos island, Greece


Flower details and wedding ring

Flower details and wedding rings


John and Margrit decided to have their romantic wedding in a private villa, overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. The privacy and the relaxed atmosphere that the venue offered was exactly what they were looking for. The wedding color palette followed the hues of the island: milky white and deep blue; well, some warm pink pops -just like the colors of the majestic sunsets- were necessary too!

Flower decoration in Mykonos villa wedding

Flower decoration in Mykonos villa wedding, Greece

Wedding planner in Mykonos island, Greece

Now let’s add to the equation the perfect décor that helped us add some extra romantic and chic flair. As a wedding planner in Mykonos, we opted for a stunning decoration style, going the extra mile to bring our couple and their closest friends a soirée with lavish details. Elegant tableware gave a luxurious touch while fresh flower arrangements -with a playful nod to the bride’s bouquet- and lots of candles adorned the sun-drenched terrace perfectly. With meticulous attention to detail, our wedding planning team organized an unforgettable outdoor romantic event.


Wedding in Mykonos island, Greece for Margrit and John

Tabletop decoration for wedding dinner in Mykonos, Greece


Wedding ceremony in villa, Mykonos, Greece

Wedding ceremony in the villa, Mykonos, Greece

When the light of a great day gave way to crepuscular hues, music set a blissful mood for a party that lasted until the early hours of the morning, a celebration of a beginning to cherish forever…

Merging meticulous planning and flawless execution, it was all about a poolside dinner with the flavors and scents of Greece spoiling every guest, and a laissez-faire celebration with a mouth-watering wedding cake!

Wedding in Mykonos island, Greece for Margrit and John

Wedding dinner setup in Mykonos villa wedding, Greece

Wedding dinner setup in villa wedding, Greece




Open bar drinks in Mykonos wedding, Greece

Family table decoration in Mykonos, Greece

Decoration for a wedding in Mykonos, Greece


Wedding dinner in Mykonos villa, Greece. Wedding planning by "Wedding in Greece".

Wedding dinner in a Greek villa

This was the story of John and Margrit in brief; let us plan yours in detail!

P.S. If you can’t take our word, take a look at the magical moments captured by Eleni Dona www.elenidona.com before booking our wedding planning services! She is an amazing wedding photographer in Greece who is in love with Mykonos island, and she really helped me out.

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