Wedding in Santorini, Cierra & Luis - Wedding in Greece


Wedding in Santorini, Cierra & Luis

Cierra & Luis, a blue and white destination wedding in Santorini If endless blue seas views spark your fancy, you may want to press pause…

Wedding in Santorini, Cierra & Luis

Cierra & Luis, a blue and white destination wedding in Santorini

If endless blue seas views spark your fancy, you may want to press pause on your day and dive in deep and discover today’s elegant blue and white wedding in Santorini.

Getting Married… the Greek Way!

Wedding in Santorini Gem Cierra Luis

Imagine snuggling up in the arms of your lover as you watch a fireball descend beyond the horizon of the Aegean Sea. Santorini is truly an undisturbed paradise for a romantic escapade… And there is certainly no need to borrow a ‘something blue’ from your grandma if you elope here!

Cierra & Luis wanted a spectacular backdrop for their once-in-a-lifetime day, and so they chose to have their wedding on this sun-drenched Greek island.

What they were looking for to make their dream come true was a wedding planner in Santorini, Greece.

And our professional wedding planning team was there to help from inception to execution – and everything in-between!

Romance & Exclusivity Vibes
Looking like a noble princess with her sleek hair in a stylish updo perfectly complementing the wedding dress, Cierra had so much fun during her preparations with her bridal crew… Luis got ready with the help of his closest friends, wearing matching outfits and opening champagnes.

What a fun morning this was! And we could not have asked for a better ambiance!


The All-time Classic Postcard Effect

Wedding ceremony in Santorini GEM venue

Santorini GEM wedding Gazebo decorated with fresh flowers

Bridal bouquet made of fresh flowers and greenery


Cierra & Luis wanted their wedding to look like one of those ultra-romantic postcards you can take in Santorini. Well, eloping and destination weddings brings everything back to the real purpose of it all – celebrating and fortifying your love in a meaningful and ultra-romantic ceremony.

The ceremony of our lovely couple flowed melodiously, and everyone liked the décor elements that added a special touch…

Minimal décor is needed when the scenery is so captivating. The all-white palette was enhanced by subtle touches of dreamy pink and peachy hues, and chic textures brought the decor up to a whole new level. Delicate floral arrangements added pop and gave a subtle nod to the ever-shifting palette of Santorini’s skies. The couple’s arched canopy was a great mix of elegance and romance with fresh flowers running along to the top.

Every little detail was carefully curated by our wedding planning team in Santorini. And we could feel the genuine love in the atmosphere… Can’t get better than this, right?

Wedding Reception Time on Santorini island!

First dance in Santorini GEM venue

Minutes after becoming Mr and Mrs, Cierra & Luis proved to be epic dancers! Well, it is undeniable that no one wants a boring and unimaginative wedding party. And when it comes to music and setting an atmosphere, a DJ is the expert you need! Our ‘Wedding in Greece’ planning team always providing the most experienced DJ’s for a memorable wedding party.

Wedding in Santorini Gem Cierra and Luis

Wedding cake with fresh flowersWedding cake with fresh flowers

The wedding party lasted until the dawn and it really was an event to remember; the heartfelt smiles, the unconditional love of friends and family that flew from the U.S. to celebrate with the couple, and the unbeatable views of the sea and the sunset made this celebration an unforgettable experience for our lovely couple.

P.S. Santorini, we will be back!

Nothing else ignites that warm fuzzy feeling more than a romantic escapade… If you are planning your destination wedding in Greece and searching for a professional wedding planner, contact us!

And if you’re packing your suitcases and getting ready for unforgettable moments in Santorini, find out what to do after a wedding here!

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Check the video from this superior wedding in Santorini, Greece.

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