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Wedding Photo Shoot in Athens

Myriads of wonderful choices

Wedding Photo Shoot in Athens

Deciding where to hold your wedding photo-shoot is one of the most important decisions to make when planning a wedding. The Greek capital, Athens is the quintessential Greek city, providing an endless series of exceptional, iconic locations to feature as background in your wedding album. This well-known “cradle of civilization” is a modern metropolis, combining Ancient Greek scenery with contemporary amenities and diverse options. All around the vast city of Athens, a myriad of beautiful locations, some famous and others known only to insiders, await. It’s a difficult choice, and our wedding planners are here to help you with it.

The Acropolis

acropolis photoshooting athens greece
Acropolis Athens Greece

One of the most iconic spots in the entire country, if not the world, lies in the very heart of Athens. The Acropolis is synonymous with culture, democracy and history. It is an ancient citadel overlooking a number of other important archeological spots, surrounded by tall trees, statues and vegetation. It features a number of ideal locations for your photo-shoot. Choose the Acropolis for your wedding photos, to embrace history for picturesque results and a strong Greek essence. Be the ancient Nymph, getting married to a Greek Demigod. Let us capture your wedding myth near the Acropolis!

Dionisiou Areopagitou

acropolis athens wedding greece
acropolis athens wedding greece

Very close to the Acropolis, you can find the picturesque, multi-faceted Dionisiou Areopagitou pedestrian street. Due to its unique location, it combines ancient constructions with many beautiful, modern buildings with intricate details. From the marble Arch of Hadrian to the Philopappos Monument, erected a few hundred years later in the second century A.D., each step on Areopagitou Street is laden with the rich history of Athens. The contemporary mansions of this location are also exceptional, with Art Nouveau and Eclecticist elements. This street will provide you with hundreds of special spots for post-wedding photo-shoots and fill your album with diversity, mixing millennia of European history and architecture.

National Garden


Formerly the Royal Garden of Athens, this 38-acre public park offers an oasis of natural scenery right in the center of the busy metropolis. Completed in 1840 for the Greek royal family, it is home to a vast assortment of flora and fauna. From palms to colorful flowers and from willows to water-lilies, the National Garden is an exceptional choice for lovers of nature. As it is situated in one of the most historically rich cities in the world, the National Garden also features interesting antiquities and stunning ancient mosaics. It is ideal for couples who love nature, and are looking for an attention-grabbing green background for their wedding photo-shoot.

Sounion Temple

Temple of Poseidon, Sounio, Greece wedding photo
Temple of Poseidon, Sounio, Greece wedding photo

Southeast of Athens but very close to the city, we find the renowned Cape Sounion, housing the remains of an ancient Greek Temple of Poseidon, God of the Sea. Perched upon a hill, overlooking the characteristic Aegean blue that surrounds it on three sides, the temple is a breath-taking sight, appreciated by visitors from all over the world. This choice is ideal for a classic sunset wedding photo-shoot, as the water mirrors the sun on the horizon and the timeless silhouette of the temple blesses your union.

Zappeion Hall

Athens zappeion wedding greece
Zappeion Athens wedding photos

In the heart of Athens lies another important and striking building, perfect as a backdrop for your photographs: The Zappeion Hall. A handsome but modest structure, it was built in the late 19th century by the newly-liberated Greek State to house the first modern Olympic Games. A symbol of new beginnings, it manages to maintain its ties with the past while looking towards a bright future. This neoclassical building is surrounded by open spaces and also features a distinctive atrium, with Ionian pillars and statues. Easy to access and stunning in pictures, the Zappeion currently functions as a conference and exhibition center. It is the perfect photo-shoot setting for a luxurious but not overly flashy atmosphere.

The Beaches of Athens

athens greece beach wedding
Athens Greece beach wedding

Athens is lucky to boast a number of sandy beaches, despite being a city of millions. Even if you choose Athens for your wedding ceremony, you can still enjoy the iconic Greek, natural scenery of a beach as you can find beaches located less than half an hour’s drive away, or even closer. Ask us for specifics – from the popular Glyfada to Kavouri, the clean waters of Lagonisi and the lovely stretch of Voula, there are many options to have your photo-shoot with a backdrop of blue sea and golden sand even if you’re in Athens.

All these and a lot more are some of the photo shoot options Athens can provide for you. Make your choice from the above, or send us a message describing your taste to discover even more possibilities for a superb photo album created by an experienced wedding photographer in Greece.

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