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Why you need a wedding planner in Greece?

Wedding ceremony Santorini wedding venue Le Ciel, Greece
Wedding ceremony in private wedding venue terrace, Santorini island, Greece

When you are getting married, you want to make that day, really something special. Most people are looking at getting married in an exotic and spectacular location. The only problem is you really do need some help to make sure the day goes off without a hitch, but hiring a good wedding planner in Greece is an option that you may wish to take into consideration.

Why planning a Wedding in Greece?

Wedding in Greece Athens Riviera
Wedding dinner in Greece Athens Riviera

Maybe you’re wondering about the reason you should choose Greece as your wedding destination. The spectacular weather throughout the entire year, the amazing scenery and the history of the entire country are only a few reasons adding that extra something to your very special day. All this sounds excellent, but what to expect from us as your wedding planner in Greece?

What to expect from a wedding planner in Greece


Arrange the legal aspects

Can you legally get married in Greece? Of course yes!

Firstly, thanks to our experience as wedding planners in Greece we know everything about the laws concerning marriage and we will make sure that when it’s time to exchange your vows, everything will be legal. We also know about the legal documents required to get married in Greece as well as how it is then registered in the Greek Registry office. Of course, you are not familiar with local customs or the cost of a wedding here so you definitely need some help from us. You‘re probably trying to understand the legal aspect too, so it makes sense to use an expert otherwise you’re at risk of spending a lot of money for something that actually ends up being a non-event.

Find the perfect scenery

planning a wedding in greece

Apart from legal aspects, you will also discover we are able to find the perfect setting for your destination wedding, combining spectacular scenery with a touch of romance, tying on such a memorable day.

Yes, you could find places online, but you need to ask yourself what is better, a photograph on the internet/instagram, or taking the advice of somebody that knows the area and exactly what it is like to have a wedding there?

Organize all the services

Trying to organize a wedding at home is difficult, but trying to organize every part of it in a foreign country is almost impossible to do it on your own. If you take advantage of our knowledge as wedding planners in Greece, we can offer you the perfect wedding from the setting to the person performing the service, the flowers, most experienced catarer, DJ music, the photographer and anything else you need for this particular day.

Find the good deals

Finally, we are also going to save you some money since you don’t know if a price for something is reasonable or if someone’s taking advantage of the fact you do not know anything about costs in Greece. The first question coming in your mind is how much a wedding in Greece costs?

A wedding planner in Greece knows how to get the best value for your money, so even if you have a certain budget you are still going to get a spectacular day and this won’t be possible if you don’t use our expert help. Everybody knows how expensive a wedding can be, so isn’t it better to advise somebody that can prevent you from running up a huge bill?

These are the reasons why you should consider using a wedding planner in Greece if you love the idea of getting married in a gorgeous country. By using our services you know that the day will go off without a hitch, with the perfect wedding at the perfect setting and all important documents issued correctly, allowing you to enjoy the best day of your life.

Keep in mind Greece is a fantastic place to spend your honeymoon, so do come and talk to us about this. You can spend time in a fantastic hotel and live the life of luxury while celebrating this wonderful time in your life.

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