Wedding Trends 2020 - Wedding in Greece
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Wedding Trends 2020

Trends for destination weddings in Greece for 2020

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2020 (the dawn of a new decade, new beginnings and new love stories) but if there’s one thing we’re most excited about, it’s this fresh collection of wedding original ideas. So, here are all the current wedding trends you should have in mind and email your wedding planner in Greece about!


Wedding ceremony flower arch Athens Greece

Wedding with triangle arch in Athens Riviera, Greece


Eco-friendly Weddings

The biggest wedding trend for 2020 is not what you’d expect: ‘Green’ weddings and planet-loving celebrations are on the rise. But, of course, having an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t mean that you must drop every little detail and luxury you’ve dreamt of in the name of saving our Earth.

From recycled paper for your wedding invitations to eco-friendly décor elements, there are many things that can turn your wedding into a ‘green’ event. You can also opt for resorts or venues that are beautiful on their own, requiring less décor to be added to turn them into your celebration spot. Just let your wedding planner know your eco-friendly dreams. In one of our last weddings, our expert wedding planning team in Greece worked with plants instead of cut flowers and opted for an entirely plastic-free décor. The result was truly amazing!


Colors, More Colors


Vivid and bold colors? Yes, please! Because that’s the next biggest trend of 2020. Wedding color palettes are extending beyond ‘something blue’ and classic white hues.


Say yes to a lush tropical palette if you want a summer wedding, let the magic of red hues to transform a celebration in the middle of the winter, choose elegant pastel colors, like mint, that can work wonders for a chic and truly romantic event in spring or autumn…


Dried Flowers & Unexpected Materials


Dried flowers: when they are used in a chic and sophisticated palette, they can be absolutely unique! Take advantage of this floral trend in your bridal bouquet or flower arrangements and centerpieces.

Their soft hues can also complement unexpected, neutral, earthy materials. Mason jars, wooden pallets, ropes, sisal products, leather cords for bouquets and many more can add a unique layer of dimension to every wedding detail. Just ask your wedding planner in Greece for more fresh ideas.

Non-traditional Wedding Dresses


Why not step away from the traditional bridal gown and wear something unexpected? Have you ever thought about wearing a stunning red dress for your wedding day?

And if you are not completely comfortable to move away from a traditional white gown but you’re looking for a way to get creative with your bridal look, then you may want to dare to be different with eccentric accessories.

Greek wedding buffet in Reception

Food Options

Interactive food stations, food trucks, BBQ style servings, colorful grab-and-go dessert tables… the possibilities are endless! The style of your wedding menu will have a big effect on the overall feel and cost of the whole day and wedding reception.

Yes, as destination wedding planners in Greece, we get it; the variety of options can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve got you covered. Ask us what the best menu option for your dream wedding in Greece is, and let’s plan it together.

Greek dancers in costa navarino wedding

Let the Party Begin!

Your wedding day in Greece is not only about the ceremony but about having fun with your loved ones, as well. Aerialists, harpists, belly dancers or performance artists: what would you like?

Wow, your guests and give them something to remember! Your wedding planner in Greece can certainly give you plenty of inexpensive and off-beat entertainment ideas.


Wedding Festivities… that last longer!

And after the wedding party, what? The after-party, of course! Think about it: don’t you want to prolong your big day, surrounded by friends and family?

The good news? You don’t need to spend lots of money on decor or food; all guests just want to have drinks and great music!

Wedding dinner in Mykonos villa, Greece. Wedding planning by "Wedding in Greece".

Small & Intimate

Most couples opt for more intimate, meaningful celebrations with their nearest and dearest. Also known as micro-weddings, they tend to have a smaller guest list, allowing the bride and groom to spend quality time with each guest, and to spend their budget more lavishly on a smaller group.

Just discuss your vision with your wedding planner in Greece and explain all these micro-details that you have dreamed of.


Wedding Planning

Our professional advice? Embrace the trends that genuinely speak to your personal style. But even if you opt for them all, you won’t be disappointed; trust us!

But before you do anything, establish your wedding budget. And then, just get in touch with us!