What to expect from your Indian wedding in Greece - Wedding in Greece


What to expect from your Indian wedding in Greece

The sacred union of two souls in matrimony is a sublime journey brimming with awe-inspiring and warm sentiments. This journey becomes all the more enchanting…

What to expect from your Indian wedding in Greece

The sacred union of two souls in matrimony is a sublime journey brimming with awe-inspiring and warm sentiments. This journey becomes all the more enchanting and mystical when it unfolds in the wondrous world of an Indian wedding, where the timeless traditions and customs of the vibrant Indian culture are gloriously woven into a tapestry of mesmerizing rituals and practices that have been cherished and celebrated for generations.

More than just a ceremony, an Indian wedding is a testament to the infinite depth of love. That is why, each time we embark on planning an Indian wedding in Greece, our vision is of a glorious, multiday kaleidoscopic gala overflowing with exuberant joy and unrestrained bliss.

Greece is the preferred wedding destination for numerous Indian couples from all around the globe, seeking to live and offer their guests an unparalleled experience that will linger in their memories forever.

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Decoration of a eautiful Sikh wedding in Athens Riviera Greece

Having an Indian wedding in Greece is a truly unique and unforgettable experience that leaves an indelible imprint. The reason why, is easy to imagine. Or better the reasons, because Greece is undoubtedly more than a destination. It is an experience.

The stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality of Greece, the Aegean Sea's magical backdrop, the Greek islands' beauty, and the mouthwatering Greek cuisine provide an exquisite setting for celebrating love and union.
Moreover, Greece offers many spectacular venues, from luxurious beach resorts to historical landmarks, gifting everything the couple has ever imagined for their wedding. The warm climate, stunning sunsets, and breathtaking landscapes also add to the romantic ambience of the occasion.

Given the enchanting blend of cultural richness, natural splendour, and hearty hospitality that Greece embodies, it comes as no surprise that Indian couples from around the world choose it as their preferred wedding destination.

What to expect from your Indian wedding in Greece


indian bride wearing  Salwar Kameez.
Sikh wedding in the Athenian Riviera www.amarjotchana.com

As an expert in crafting unforgettable wedding experiences, John Pasaris, head wedding planner, and his Indian Wedding in Greece team possesses the expertise to weave together the cultural tapestries of India and Greece, creating a magical celebration that transcends borders and touches the soul.

Our passion for wedding planning and commitment to creating personalized, tailor-made weddings in Greeece that reflect our client's unique tastes and personalities are awe-inspiring. Through meticulous planning, attention to detail, and creativity, we transform scenic Greek landscapes into a breathtaking stages for the joyous union of two souls.

As we usually like to say, we are not merely a wedding planner company but a memory-maker, weaving every thread of the event into a seamless tapestry of beauty and wonder.

With our extensive and invaluable expertise in organizing Indian weddings in Greece, we can assure you of a stunning and seamless ceremony. With over a decade of experience in crafting unforgettable Indian weddings, we take care of every aspect of the planning process, offering: 

  • Τraditional Hindu nuptial ceremonies in Greece 
  • Τraditional Sikh ceremonies in Greece

Are you dreaming of a unique and authentic Sikh wedding experience in Greece?

Look no further! You can have your Anand Karaj ceremony, complete with traditional Indian customs like Roka, Mehendi, Milni, and Varmala, at the most stunning venues in Greece. Mykonos, Santorini, or Athens are only a few to be mentioned. Our team can handle everything. From securing the Gurdwara for the Anand Karaj to arranging a stylish Langar meal and booking the perfect reception venue. We will meticulously plan every special day's detail based on your preferences and desires.

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At our Indian wedding events, we offer the very best in mehendi artists who are skilled in creating stunning designs

Wedding in Greece's team is well-versed in the intricacies of Hindu wedding customs. From the lively Sangeet pre-wedding celebration and the spiritual Ganesh pooja to the intricate Mehendi designs and the bittersweet vidaai ceremony. Whether you celebrate on one of Greece's famed scenic islands or in Athens, your Hindu wedding in Greece will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Our team comprises experienced photographers, videographers, wedding decorators, florists, DJs, and Indian caterers and chefs. Furthermore we collaborate with the best henna artists, make-up artists, hairstylists, nail artists, live bands, traditional dancers, musicians, and so much more!

But that's not all! We offer suggestions for the ideal wedding venue, overall concept development, budget formulations, transportation, accommodation suggestions, timeline and itinerary of ceremony and reception, on-the-day event management, and pre-wedding or following wedding day parties.

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Photo credits:  www.amarjotchana.com

Our dedication to the timeless traditions of India creates an unforgettable experience. Moments of joy that will always be cherished and celebrated.

Organize your destination wedding in Greece 

If you wish to organize your wedding in Greece, you have just landed on the right site. We are happy to help you throughout the whole journey of your wedding celebration in Greece.