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Why you should plan your wedding in Greece

Most couples want to do their destination wedding in Greece, planned during summer due to the sunny weather and the opportunity to organize the celebration by the sea. This tradition leads the couples to choose southern countries of Europe, such as Italy, Spain and Greece, for their ceremony and reception. The Mediterranean is a wonderful area and it is definitely worthwhile doing your wedding in one of these countries. Greece has some special assets that make it one of the best destinations worldwide for this amazing moment for a couple. Check here why you should plan your wedding in Greece and start the preparations as soon as possible.


Thousands of options

It is not an exaggeration to say that Greece offers numerous destinations for your wedding. Greek islands are literally innumerable, and they give you the possibility to organize the Greek wedding of your dreams. If you want cosmopolitanism, you can do your wedding in Mykonos. If romanticism is your thing, then the wedding in Santorini is a must. Rhodes is great for Greek weddings with strong medieval character, while Zakynthos is ideal for weddings in Greece surrounded by verdant nature.

Temple of Poseidon, Sounio, Greece wedding photo

Affordable prices

Due to the economic crisis, prices in Greece in every sector you can imagine are significantly lower than in other European countries. Especially if you decide to do the ceremony in an off-the-beaten-path place, such as an unspoiled island or an authentic village, the prices of the vendors, the venues as well as the hotels for the accommodation of you and your guests will be affordable and impress you positively.

Wedding in Athens Greece

Sunny weather

Southern Greece and especially islands, like Crete, Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini, are renowned for their warm and sunny weather even in autumn. The Cyclades have strong winds that don’t allow the waves to hide the sun. It is almost impossible that the weather will be rainy on a Cycladic island during summer. So, if you plan an open-air ceremony and reception by the sea, just choose the right Greek island for you.

Wedding venue Santorini Greece

Honeymoon is just a breath away

After your wedding in Greece, you can also spend your honeymoon in Greece. The Greek islands are located in a very close distance to each other, so you can easily have an island-hopping experience without getting tired by long distances and many hours on the boat. Even if you want to relax, you can spend a couple of days on the island of your wedding, and then travel in less than one hour to another island nearby, exploring the Aegean or the Ionian Sea.

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Greek hospitality

It is not a coincidence that the Greek hospitality is famous all over the world. The local people are very hospitable and ready to help and please you in this special moment of your life. Your wedding in Greece will be an event for everybody and the smiles of the people around you will make you feel like being surrounded by members of your family.

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